ep.007 Our Preconception, Spirit Babies, and Freebirth

Ep.007 Our Preconception, Spirit Babies, and Free Birth

Join my husband and I for a very personal conversation where talk about the emotional journey leading up to the conscious conception of our son Kamaiio Coaiia, including the three pregnancy losses we experienced. This was recorded back in January 2020, one month after the free birth of my son Kamaiio Coaiia.  

Our Conscious Conception Story​

This is a very laid back conversation, literally. It was recorded while my husband and I were sitting in bed with our newborn baby, as I was still in my 42 day rest period after birth. We were not our most eloquent, as we were deep in the sleep deprived, but love filled newborn days. And we didn’t even know if we would share this with anyone.  

In this episode we chat candidly about what we did to prepare for pregnancy after loss, and the message our son had for us before we even conceived him.  

This is us sharing a piece of our personal journey leading up to our self-assisted pregnancy and birth. We talk about the deep journey we took to consciously conceive our son, including:  

  • Navigating pregnancy after loss and connecting with our spirit babies.
  • Taking responsibility for our baby’s pregnancy and birth. 
  • Why I chose to free birth and keep my pregnancy outside of the system.
  • Walking together as a couple, without leaning on a midwife or doctor for answers.
  • The importance of preparing for pregnancy physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I hope you’ll enjoy a peak into the deep journey we took to bring our son earthside.

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