Birth is Cermoney: 4.5 days of freebirthing my son (episode cover)

Ep.009 Birth is ceremony - 4.5 days of freebirthing my son.

Today I am taking you on a journey through my epic 4.5 day long freebirth of my son. That’s right, four-and-a-half-days in the birth portal with just my husband and I present, there’s quite the story to tell! Join my husband, Rachan Chindarsi, and I for a very personal, story-time conversation where we take you through what happened, the unexpected challenges we had to face, and how we made it through so many sleepless night laboring, while guided by the knowing that “Birth is ceremony”. 

Our Freebirth Journey​

This episode is a throwback to January 2020, when I was still in bed resting during my 42 day confinement after birth. And my husband crawled into bed with me and Kamaiio one day, and we hit record while talking about our free birth journey. So this was recorded in the early postpartum days when we felt both incredibly exhausted and victorious after a powerful birth. So it’s not perfectly put together, but it’s a special moment in time that I want to share with you.

I chose to keep my pregnancy outside of the system, meaning I didn’t have a midwife or a doctor – instead my husband and I walked this journey together in the way that was so right for us. Along with my husband, we’ll take you through what happened in those 4.5 days in the birth portal and how a piece of paper on the wall that said “Protect Kamaiio’s Birth Journey” played a central role in me powerfully freebirthing our son.

This is a long story of a long birth – but make sure you stick around to the end where I share the key mindset shift that transformed my birth, and of course the victorious ending where I caught my son myself after days and days of labor.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Our birth plan, and a bit about how we prepared for taking full responsibility for our son’s journey here.
  • How birth started at 42 weeks, “due-dates”, and the illusion of inductions. 
  • How a piece of paper on the wall that said “Protect Kamaiio’s Birth Journey” played a central role.
  • How my son let me know that he was okay through the long birth. 
  • The key mindset shift helped me remember my power, after being in labor for 4 days. 
  • And finally the most ecstatic moment of my life; birthing my son in the water, and catching him myself.

Thank you so much for listening. It means so much for me to sharing our birth story with you. It’s my hope it will help to normalize the wide variety of births, and for women everywhere to remember their power. I would be so grateful if you share this episode, so we can inspire more women together.

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