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ep.007 Our Preconception, Spirit Babies, and Freebirth

Ep.007 Our Preconception, Spirit Babies, and Free Birth

Join my husband and I for a very personal conversation where talk about the emotional journey leading up to the conscious conception of our son Kamaiio Coaiia, including the three pregnancy losses we experienced. This was recorded back in January 2020, one month after the free birth of my son Kamaiio Coaiia.  

Our Conscious Conception Story​

This is a very laid back conversation, literally. It was recorded while my husband and I were sitting in bed with our newborn baby, as I was still in my 42 day rest period after birth. We were not our most eloquent, as we were deep in the sleep deprived, but love filled newborn days. And we didn’t even know if we would share this with anyone.  

In this episode we chat candidly about what we did to prepare for pregnancy after loss, and the message our son had for us before we even conceived him.  

This is us sharing a piece of our personal journey leading up to our self-assisted pregnancy and birth. We talk about the deep journey we took to consciously conceive our son, including:  

  • Navigating pregnancy after loss and connecting with our spirit babies.
  • Taking responsibility for our baby’s pregnancy and birth. 
  • Why I chose to free birth and keep my pregnancy outside of the system.
  • Walking together as a couple, without leaning on a midwife or doctor for answers.
  • The importance of preparing for pregnancy physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I hope you’ll enjoy a peak into the deep journey we took to bring our son earthside.

Resources & Links

Connect with Indigomoon on Instagram @Indigomoonenemark

Read More on my blog: Rethinking How To Prepare For Pregnancy.

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Grethe Lous - The Inner Work Loving Menopause episode cover

Ep.006 The Inner Work Of Loving Menopause

For most women the word “menopause” doesn’t conjure up a lot of positive and exciting prospects. But today I’m talking with Grethe Lous on the inner work of loving menopause. And how to use this transition as a transformational time to step into leadership and your inner wise woman. Grethe shares the perspective of menopause as; a pause where you find new layers and depths of the woman you are. This is an episode for every woman who wants to ripen and rise through every cyclic season of her life.

Unlock the power of menopause

Grethe Lous is on a mission to help women discover their inner wise woman. Grethe has an intuitive, spiritual approach to menopause. She supports women through all aspects of menopause from physical, mental, emotional, to spiritual changes that may arise during this season of life. 

I’ve had the pleasure of diving deep with as a client in my mentoring program, and seeing first hand the way she has soulfully unfolded her season of menopause as a catalyst to step into more wisdom and personal leadership. 

With this episode I hope for us to be the women that value menopause, and together create a new story around what it means to transition and age with more power and more pleasure. 

We talk about…

  • The subconscious ways we define menopause that hide its true power. 
  • What it takes to use pain as a messenger and source of power. 
  • What you have to do if you want menopause to be the best time of your life.
  • How to stop numbing yourself through the changes and embrace the mess. 
  • Setting boundaries, inner leadership, and asking for your wisdom to be acknowledged. 
  • Including your family to thrive through menopause.
  • How community leads to less symptoms and more pleasure through menopause. 
  • Grethe’s powerful transformation through my mentoring program and how it helped her create the work she does now.
  • How Yoni Steaming helps in menopause. 
  • The power of  working with your sensual and sexual energy at any age. 

“In cultures where menopausal women are accorded value, there is less likelihood of difficulties. Symptoms may be experiences, but are interpreted differently, they are not seen as problems that require treatment. Rather they may be viewed as indicators of the arrival of a new and respected phase of life. These are two different energetic responses, the symptoms may be the same, but it is our response, our interpretation of them that changes” by Xiolan Zhao

Resources & Links

Connect with Grethe Lous: | Instagram @grethes_overgang | Join Grethe’s Facebook Group

In this episode I mention the menopause research from Professor Jo Brewis, you can learn more about that HERE. 

Quote shared from the book:  “Reflections of the Moon on Water, Healing Women’s Bodies and Minds Through Traditional Chinese Wisdom by Xiolan Zhao.

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Reclaiming Postpartum with Carla Muhling cover

Ep.005 Reclaiming Postpartum - Preparation & Community

My guest today is Carla Muhling, mother of two and doula from Bellingen, Australia. She shares her two different postpartum journeys, and the hard-earned wisdom she gained from traversing a challenging postpartum journey with her first-born, which led her to prepare for her second postpartum in an entirely different way. 

Reclaiming Postpartum Care

Rest is not a luxury after birth, it’s a necessity. But in a modern world that is not set up to support new mothers, it requires resources and knowledge to make a postpartum plan that works. Here’s what you need to know. Be inspired by what Carla did different the second time when she knew how critical rest, hands-on-support, and community is for optimal healing after birth. 

We talk about navigating the first year postpartum with gentleness and solid support. How critical postpartum preparation is, and the major cost to women who aren’t prepared for postpartum both physically and emotionally. We dive into what you must include in your postpartum care plan, and the myths about arriving at 6-weeks postpartum. We unfold what it looks like to support the greater journey through your first year postpartum, as you are after all “postpartum for life” as Robin Lim has said. 

I hope you are left with inspiration for supporting yourself and the new mothers in your community. The postpartum phase deserves reverence, and this is something we definitely need to offer ourselves, but it’s also something we have to do together, shifting towards a way of living where we support each other in community through the changing seasons and cycles of life.

Resources & Links

Connect with Carla: Instagram @traditional.healing 

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Cervical Dysplasia with Noelani Love cover

Ep.003 Cervical Dysplasia - A Natural Healing Journey

Noelani was diagnosed with severe, stage 3 cervical dysplasia, and after being bullied by an OBGYN to get surgery, she instead chose to listen to herself and find a way to heal holistically. This is the inspiring story of a woman who found a different path that not only healed her abnormal cells, but also sparked her creativity and set her on a different path in life. 

Healing Cervical Dysplasia Naturally

Today we are talking about cervical dysplasia, also known as precancerous abnormal cells on the cervix. The is something that so many women discover they have during a routine pap smear. In mild cases it is often left to resolve on its own, while being monitored to see if it advances. There are various medical treatments offered to remove abnormal cells, such as procedures that laser, freeze, or surgical removal. However today we are talking about choose an alternative route for healing.

These are important stories to share, especially because some women do experience unrecognized side effects from these more invasive medical procedures, such as changes in libido, ability to orgasm, increase in risk of pre-term labor, and feeling disconnected from their feminine center.

This episode is in no way intended as medical advice, or to say which treatment is right for every woman. But rather to inspire you with the story of one woman who chose a holistic treatment with plant medicine.

Noelani Love is a life alchemist, she incorporates all her passions into creating her dream life, and supports others to do the same. She’s a mother, yogini, jewelry designer, musician, surfer, and a woman who dives heart first into life and believes in the healing power of our intentions.

Resources & Links

Connect with Noelani Love: Instagram @noelanilove | Jewelry


Learn more about escharotic treatment, one of the elements in Noelani’s holistic treatment protocol.


Book mentioned: Natural Women’s Health by Dr. Lorie Steelsmith


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Birth In The Matrix with Olivyah Bowens cover

Ep.003 Birth In The Matrix, Birth Culture & White Supremacy

Olivyah Bowens is the conscious doula behind Her Holistic Path. Together we take a critical look at todays birth culture, and dive into white supremacy in birth, and how the origins of gynecology and obstetrics are still affecting the way women birth today. We also talk about the troubling things happening in the doula profession, and how women can prepare for birthing on their terms. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in birth, and particularly for birth workers ready to advocate for truly woman-centered birth. 

A radical look at today's birth culture

Supporting women across all seasons of womanhood is at the heart of my own work, and that includes pregnancy and birth. But with the state of obstetrics, midwifery, and even the doula profession becoming so regulated and medicalized, I often find it tricky to open a conversation that is built on participating in a system that I feel is fundamentally disrespectful to women.

That’s why I love this conversation with Olivyah Bowens, a holistic doula, birth educator, and birth photographer, with her eyes wide open to the mistreatment of pregnant and birthing mothers. She is actively doing her part in supporting women to create a new paradigm of respectful, woman-centered  care.

This is a longer episode to go with the big topic of birth. We talk about the complex and layered terrain of navigating choices in birth, Olivyah’s birth journeys, and how she became a doula. We also uncover how white supremacy caused the fear of home birth, where the idea that “birth is dangerous” comes from, and how doula regulation is damaging women’s sovereignty in birth. Finally we also touch the amazing hormones that keep birth safe when undisturbed, and how the trap of trying to control birth, often ultimately harms ‘motherbaby’ (a term reflecting the concept that mother and infant are not two separate people, but an interrelated dyad). It’s a great listen for anyone ready to think critically about our current birth culture.

Resources & Links

Connect with Olivyah: | Instagram: @herholisticpath | Patreon: Her Holistic Path

Listen to Olivyah’s new podcast: Her Holistic Path 

The racist roots of gynecology: James Marion Sims (January 25, 1813 – November 13, 1883) was an American physician and a pioneer in the field of surgery, both known as the “father of modern gynecology” and as a controversial figure for the unethical approach to developing his techniques.

The pathologization of childbirth: Joseph Bolivar DeLee (October 28, 1869 – April 2, 1942) was an American physician who became known as the “father of modern obstetrics”. He spread his argument that childbirth is inherently dangerous and pregnant women need to be saved by doctors. A belief that still permeates today’s birthing culture. Read more here. 

The hormonal blueprint of natural childbirth: Dr. Sarah Buckley has written extensively on the hormonal physiology of childbirth. Download + learn more here. 

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Breast Opportunity with Rachelle Poitras cover

Ep.002 Breast Opportunity - Exploring Holistic Breast Care

Rachelle Poitras is the woman behind Metanoia – an amazing online platform dedicated to providing you with the best tools and most digestible information to empower you in your journey for wellness and breast health.  Learn how to support holistic breast vitality yourself with the knowledge and tips every woman should know. 

Transform your breast health

Breasts are what I consider energy centers, chakras of your womanly body — of emotions, love, orgasmic energy, and guides in receiving deep nourishment. But they are also a part of our bodies that can be shrouded in fear as many conversations around breasts often center around breast disease –  rather than how to support breast vitality yourself. 

Rachelle shares the powerful insights she’s gained through her own healing journey to resolve benign breast growths. During her healing journey she has become a Holistic nutritionist, herbalist, learned about Ayurveda and how our body, mind, and spirit are interwoven.

In this conversation we cover everything from Rachelle’s own journey with both western and holistic medicine, lifestyle and breast healing practices, understanding the emotional and energetic nature of breast health, 

Resources & Links

Rachelle is generously offering 15% off breast masks. The Nurture Mask is designed for all women of any age to support her in any stage of her breast health journey. Buy here.

Get 15% off breast masks with the code: Moon15

Rachelle’s recommended books: 

  • Finding Ultra by Rich Roll
  • Women’s Bodies, Women Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup
  • Renegade Beauty by Nadine Artemis
  • Breast Cancer? Breast Health! by Susun Weed

Connect with Rachelle: | Instagram: @her_metanoia

The Power Of Breast Massage: I’ve got a Free Guided Breast Meditation for you on my blog, it is a favorite in my community and is a great way to open up a more nurturing relationship with your breasts. Click here to try it

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Cycle Wise Podcast cover

Ep.001 What 'Cycle Wise' Means

In this short solo-episode I speak the vision and the hope that is Cycle WiseTo get us started on the Cycle Wise journey, I want to lay the foundation for this podcast by sharing what Cycle Wise means, and the seeds I am hoping to sprout and root through these conversations. Our cyclic bodies are here to mature us into elders one day, and before that preparing us for each season of life before we stand in it. There is so much available to us – and Cycle Wise is about making the journey through the pilgrimage place of your body. And along this journey, we need women’s stories. Cycle Wise stories.

Cycle Wise Is Women's Wisdom

This is a place where we remember that women’s stories matter. Women’s Wisdom matter. Your nourishment and wholeness matter. And together we’ll remember, as we come together with each episode of the Cycle Wise Podcast.

Resources & Links

Get your Free Gifts that I mention in this episode. In my free gift bundle you’ll get the introduction to the simple. yet powerful practice The Five Daily Questions. Along with the guided meditative journey “Coming home to you” that will instantly deepen your relationship with your cyclic body and feminine center. Learn more + download here. 

Come find me on Instagram @indigomoonenemark


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