Imagine moving into pregnancy and motherhood on a foundation of self-trust with an already deep knowledge of women’s wisdom and pregnancy. When we start to think of preconception as an integral part of pregnancy, we can take some time to lean inwards to build the resources and women’s wisdom it takes to navigate the labyrinth of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum from your feminine center. This is a season that may also include unforeseen things like fertility challenges, pregnancy losses, or other life events that require a connection to your womanly body to pull you through with wholeness. Even when pregnancy, birth, and beyond happens in the smoothest of ways, it still involves huge transformations. We’re not meant to arrive at these stages of life without the resources that are available in our cyclic bodies. Yet most do. 

Preconception is the foundation that will become your baby and the foundation you stand on in motherhood.

Learning to work with your cycle to prepare for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Working with your menstrual cycle on a deep level is meant to prepare you for the cyclic seasons that may follow – pregnancy, birth, postpartum, perimenopause and menopause. This may include the often unforeseen twists and turns of pregnancy losses or fertility challenges, which can also be supported by growing your own cyclic wisdom to support you.

Excerpt from my interview with Cathy Ospina on The Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth Summit.

Pregnancy and motherhood are cyclic seasons compiled of many huge transitions through many months. It’s never too early to begin preparing and integrating the knowledge needed to complete these transition with self-trust and an unwavering connection to your own worth, values, and wild woman body.

Work with your menstrual cycle to prepare for the cyclic seasons of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Each phase of our cyclic life builds upon each other. So ideally we would be working with our menstrual cycle for years before transitioning into pregnancy and motherhood. Your menstrual cycle holds the same cyclic energy as pregnancy and birth, and so it’s the first and only place you can really come in contact with it BEFORE you are pregnant or in birth.

Excerpt from my interview with Cathy Ospina on The Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth Summit.

It is my deep wish that women will begin to enter motherhood with a nourished understanding of their cyclic wisdom, and a connection to their feminine center to support them every step of the way.

You can Book a Womb Wise Consultation for fertility or preconception support.

If you are in a season of preparing for pregnancy, working with fertility challenges, or navigating your way through pregnancy losses, I can help you. Just like pregnancy, your preconception journey is its own cycle and season of life with its own needs, wisdom, and life lessons. Although many pregnancies are unplanned, I feel passionate about supporting women who are preparing to conceive and want to walk into this unknown season of life with solid inner resources and women’s wisdom. If you are struggling to conceive or sustain a pregnancy, then the preconception phase often becomes an initiation of its own, and there is so much you can bring in to support the physical, emotional, and mental layers of fertility and conception. Read more about my 1:1 Womb Wise Consultations.