Kelsi Ludvigsen: Pregnancy and Postpartum journey (episode cover)

Ep.010 Why didn't anyone tell me this? A pregnancy and postpartum Journey with Kelsi Ludvigsen

Kelsie Ludvigsen says motherhood changed everything for her. The birth of her daughter one year ago sparked her to embark on a journey to unravel and learn what taking care of ourselves and getting the support we need truly looks like within our reality of motherhood. 

Re-emerging as a Mother - unravelling self-care and support

Despite her postpartum training before even getting pregnant, when Kelsi’s daughter arrived her thoughts echoed “Why didn’t anyone tell me this?”.  Feeling like she lost herself in early motherhood when all her self-care practices like yoga no longer worked for her, Kelsi goes on to share how she has integrated and is re-emerging as her new self with her evolved self-care and support framework as a mother.

Kelsi Ludvigsen is a postpartum educator and visionary in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has online courses focusing on creating a space for mothers to reclaim and reweave their transition to motherhood. She also works with pregnant women who are preparing for their postpartum period and with women who wish to process birth trauma.

In this episode we dive into: 

  • How Kelsi’s first trimester forced her to rethink self-care as a mother
  • Becoming a mother as an expat living far away from family.
  • The unique needs of each trimester in pregnancy 
  • Feeling lost in early motherhood, what steps Kelsi took to heal and rediscover herself.
  • How to prepare for postpartum in a society that isn’t set up for the postpartum woman. 
  •  Navigating motherhood identity shifts and postpartum loneliness.
  • Grieving life before motherhood, and the number one thing to never say to a new mother.
  • Healing fear of birth: How Kelsi rewrote her family’s negative birth experiences and had an amazing birth. 
  • We birth how we live and we postpartum how we live.

“We arrive at the alter of postpartum with what we’ve carried from the alter of birth.”

Resources & Links

Find Kelsie on Instagram @kelsieludvigsen


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Book a postpartum Womb Massage with Indigomoon in Copenhagen. 

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