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Menstrual Cycle Consultations

Are you looking to create pleasurable cycles? Learn natural birth control? Support your fertility and conscious conception? Learn to nourish the wild seasons of pregnancy & postpartum, or your transition into menopause?

In your Cycle Consultation, you will get concrete and individualized support for all the seasons and cycles that are a part of your life journey through your womanly landscape. 

We’ll meet online and unfold your current cyclic season and challenge together. Let me guide you in creating the results you desire, while you gain a deeper understanding of your own cyclic wisdom.

Start by browsing the Cycle Consultations topics listed below. Then select the one that is most relevant to your need right now and book your session. I will then be in touch to schedule a time with you.

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Online Cycle Consultation

Every woman deserves to know the keys to pleasurable cycles and vibrant womb health.

Painful periods, PMS, ovarian cysts, and lack of ovulation are examples of imbalances that should be taken serious as a call for help from your cyclic body. We live in a world that does not take women’s health serious with holistic depth. Yet your cycle is a map to your overall health, sexuality, and emotional well-being. Learning to both understand and care for it will transform your life and turn on more pleasure, power, and intuition. 

Fertility Awareness & Cycle Consultation

Learn the Fertility Awareness Method to take charge of your own health, learn natural contraception, and cycle sync your life for more ease and flow.

Do you dream of understanding what your cycle symptoms mean? Do you want the knowledge to create pleasurable cycles? And what about a contraceptive method with zero synthetic hormones? I teach the Sympto-Thermal Method of fertility awareness, where you learn to chart your own cycle and read your biological markers of fertility correctly.

Fertility & Conscious Conception Consultation

Nourish your fertility and mother-heart, while you prepare for your conscious conception.

Are you planning to conceive and want to prepare body, mind, and soul for the journey of conception, pregnancy, and birth?  Do you and your partner want to learn to chart your cycle to know your fertile window and understand more about your fertility health? Or have you  been on the fertility journey for a while, you’re ready to dive deeper into working with your feminine center to heal?

Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

Full-spectrum pregnancy, birth & postpartum support to help you navigate your journey into motherhood with intuition and self-sourced trust.

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum all require unique support and the ability to find your center in changing identities, needs, and circumstances. We miss out on a huge part of this cyclic season, when we are forced to face it all without deep women’s wisdom to hold and support the many changes through the childbearing year. 

Pregnancy Loss Consultation

Holistic support for all types of pregnancy loss

Pregnancy loss bring unique circumstances and uncertainty. Every woman deserves full spectrum holistic support and accurate information allowing you to navigate a loss on your terms. Often women are faced with limited support, minimal information and options from their regular caregivers. I’m passionate about supporting women with in-depth knowledge and care that tends to both the physical and emotional nature of facing loss in your womb space. 

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