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Transform your relationship with your cycle, say goodbye to PMS, and fall in love with your body with these two practices:  

  • My ebook: The Five Daily Questions: Transform Your Relationship With Your Cycle For More Pleasure & Feminine Flow. 
  • A 25-minute Meditative Journey: Coming Home To Your Feminine Center

I originally made these two practices for myself and they radically transformed how I felt in my body and how I inhabit life, now I want to pass them on to you.

The Five Daily Q’s are a tool for you to tune into your cyclic womanly body on a daily basis. It’s a practice that makes it easy to ignite the awareness you need to understand your cyclic power, tend to your needs, and lead your life in alignment with your feminine center.

Your menstrual cycle is way more than biology and a key to your health, it is integral in opening your sexuality, emotional wholeness, and  may act as your guide in embodied woman-centered spirituality. The Five Daily Q’s will bring you closer to your inner compass, and in a lived-real-way begin to show you the many layers of your cycle and the magic within your womanly landscape.

The power of this practice is in its simplicity, it makes it both practical and doable to create a bridge from your soulful cyclic body to your daily life.

What other women say...

The Five Daily Questions  have become the solid foundation for staying true to my commitment to living life from my core truth. No matter what a day holds in store, The Five Daily Questions are a part of it and help me to connect to what is alive in me and are the first step to allowing space for what I need in my daily life.

Answering the Five Daily Questions pushed me to develop a consistent routine with myself. I feel that this has been one of the most crucial steps in making a long-term change. I notice quickly how I feel less balanced when I neglect my daily self check in.

What a beautiful gift this meditation is. Thank you. So simple, so powerful. Your voice is so gently confident and sure. You are helping me build my strength and ability to lead from this new centre that has been with me for so long. I wish I were aware earlier, but Im eternally grateful for knowing now.

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