Women’s Wisdom Keeper

Hi Beautiful, I’m Indigomoon. Yogini. Women’s wisdom keeper. Lover of the wild feminine. Devotee of my Soul. Life long follower of my intuition and Teacher & Mentor to women. 

 So often as women, we leave our feminine  bodies out of the conversation on creating lives and businesses we love.

But I believe that you can’t really start creating the kinds of wild love, fulfillment or curating your most delicious ideas before you awaken your inner muse and start to inhabit the unique fire of your Inner Woman. Because She is the one that will guide you through the wild ride of life and teach you to walk with hips bouncing and open heart into the arms of a life you love – ready to receive and savor who you are and the magic you create.

Magic happens when you truly come home to your feminine body – You create a bridge from your Inner Woman to your life.

My specialty is guiding women home to their Inner Woman

hillaryIndigomoon is leading a quiet yet powerful movement for women to own their power through their bodies. She redefines what it means to be fierce as a woman business owner through her blend of pelvic bowl work, dance and powerful sacred rituals. If you want to have a six or seven figure business this is the place to start to create and contain the energy needed to do it.” Hillary Rubin, Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Hillaryrubin.com  

My life transformed when I came home to my feminine body and started to lead my life and work from my feminine center.

I came into the world in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a deliciously sensitive, stubborn and intuitive truth-teller. Energy was my first language and my earliest years of life were nourished by a deep relationship with the invisible world. Talking to my dead grandmother, seeing spirits, seeing people’s energy and fever nightmares were my normal. 

But I always felt really confused by the modern busy world around me and didn’t know how to live with my sensitivity. I struggled deeply with an early existential crisis that also looked like eating disorder, depression and anxiety for many years.

The way home starts with following those little inklings, desires, emotional wisdom and intuitive hits; they are the ones that guide you home, again and again.

After years of struggling my turning point came in my darkest hour when my breakdown became my breakthrough as I finally gave myself permission to choose studying yoga over finishing high school, to quit the should’s and release the idea that I had to earn anyone’s approval. I wrote letters of truth telling and forgiveness, cut my hair off and went from young party girl to solo cottage dwelling yogini.  Step by step I began to reclaim life on my terms and the next few years became a healing journey of nourishing myself back to my feminine center by saying yes to life, on my terms.

Like you, I’ve had moments that changed me. Some of them igniting my Inner Woman – my muse, my mentor, my Soul:

  • Through diving deep into the wisdom of my menstrual cycle I awakened my inner muse and got to know the many faces of my Inner Woman.
  • Through my yoga practice and teaching I went through a huge paradigm shift as I released the rules of the yoga I had practiced since my early teens and started to birth Inner Woman Yoga – the practice I teach today.
  • And as I sat in the fire of my pelvic bowl, I met magic that I can’t possibly put words to, but guide women to meet and taste for themselves.

I look to my Inner Woman to lead my life and work, She is my soul, my untamed inner being. This living devotional practice of awakening my Inner Woman is where I find the truth, nourishment and magic that I long most for in life.


“The balance of presence and grace that you embody is an amazing example for all women of true feminine power! Inspiring!”  Jill Barber, jillbarberliving.com

When a woman is inhabiting her sensual body and knows how to source her wisdom and strength from within, she is truly unstoppable.

 After a 8 + years of  feminine lifestyle design, worldwide adventures and and working with amazing women. My skills have been sharpened, my sensuality awakened, self-care deepened and wisdom more embodied as I’ve found out what kind of nourishment and lifestyle it takes for me to show up in the world unapologetically, in my own definition of life, success, happiness and soulful womanhood.

If you’re ready to ignite your life by awakening your Inner Woman and using your inner wisdom to create the life you’ve always wanted and be the woman you always wanted to be. Nourished and free. Then I’m here for you.

 I see this power inside of you that wants to come out, a unique fire that is yours and only yours to burn bright with.


I also Love

weddingloveStealing kisses from my inspiring husband Rachan, who shares my love for organic raw food, hiking, rituals and nourishing the flame of our inner selves as well as our love together on the sacred path of marriage.

And one of the things I love the most about my work is connecting with amazing women, like you. So, i’d love if you said ‘Hello’, you can send me an email  0r leave me a comment on my blog. I look forward to connecting!