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 I am your guide through the sensual maps of your womanly body that lead you to the core of your Inner Woman™ and into instinctual embodied leadership in every area of your life.  

I work with women who are longing to feel Home in their body, Pleasure in their cycles, Sacred in their sexuality

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IndigomoonI’m Indigomoon Enemark, Women’s Wisdom Keeper & Mentor to women worldwide seeking to fall in love with their bodies, go from painful to pleasurable cycles, and step into instinctual embodied leadership through all seasons of life.

Throughout the last decade I’ve cultivated my work wide and deep to support women through every season of life. Slow and sustainable guides my work, for deep integration and building inner sanctuaries that last.

I believe in the power of guiding women to their own answers. In women learning by getting their hands back on their own bodies. I’ve witnessed women radically change their lives, and how they inhabit themselves, through activating their womanly bodies and turning on their feminine center as a resource for navigating real-life with wholeness and soul.

Indigomoon sitting and laughingMy life and work is based on this core belief and lived experience; when a woman comes home to her feminine center and begins to embody the honest, radiant nature of her Inner Woman™, she’ll not only find sanctuary in who she is, she will come home to the woman she came here to be. 

My work has emerged out of a deep descent into my feminine center, cycle, sexuality, and nervous system. It comes from the slow unfolding that yields lived wisdom with sacred time. It is from here I meet women in my mentoring programs, sessions, and workshops. I can’t wait to meet you there too. 

Discovering the deeper layers of my menstrual cycle transformed my relationship with my body and way of being in the world.

When women ask me; “so how did you learn all of this?” I point to my feminine center, my lower belly, and say; I learned it from here. My path to this work came from the inside, and grew by diving deeply within, while turning away from outside voices – so I could actually hear my feminine center speak. 

I never could have imagined what would awaken in me through working with my menstrual cycle. I’ve never had a negative relationship with my cycle, I used organic menstrual products, and had strong opinions about not altering the feminine body with hormonal or invasive birth control since I was a teenager. But like most, I’d never witnessed women speaking about their cycle as anything but a healthy biological function that we mostly keep quiet about. I’d never met a single woman speaking about the deeper emotional and spiritual layers of our cyclic wisdom, and although I valued my cycle, I had missed out on the deeper resources and sensual knowledge available when we know how to unveil them. In my yoga practice and teaching at the time, which I began practicing in my early teens, my cycle never had a real place, and I became aware of a dissonance and polarity between yoga and my womanly body. So it was here I first started questioning how my yoga practice related to my cyclic, sexual body and experience.

From there I created The Five Daily Questions (Download Here). I slowly turned on my cyclic wisdom with five simple questions for myself to explore my cycle, using them as as a tool to sit face to face with the cyclic ceremony that moves me within every day. Little did I know that this simple practice would radically change and influence every area of my life. And ten years later they are still a foundation in my life as I continue to nourish and cultivate my cyclic wisdom within different seasons and flavors of life.

My cycle became a doorway to the body of work that now stretches into multiple layers of working with the female body, the nervous system, sexuality, emotions, and the resources within our pelvis as a doorway to the woman we came here to be.


When we as women sink into the spaciousness of our bodies, and remember the power we contain that is when the whisper of our soul becomes a roar.

We remember.

Come home to the woman you came here to be.


Beyond your cycle, is the expansive work with your feminine center, nervous system, and your sensual-sexual body. We live our entire lives in this body, this womanly cyclic body that is so intricately intertwined with our entire being. This body that knows us better than we know ourselves.

Most of us don’t understand what it really means to inhabit our instinctual, womanly body. Many of us have, perhaps unknowingly, or to conform to outside pressure, adopted a culture of suppressing our body’s rhythms and overriding our body’s cues.Many of have stopped listening to our body’s wisdom, in all its forms, or feel shut down when trying to act on it. We may give ourselves private spaces to express and feel our truth, but leave behind what we most crave to express when we step into the world. Which leaves you always longing, confused, and unfulfilled.

Awaken your Inner Woman™ is about awakening a deeper connection and more loving responsibility for your own life and the body you live it through. It’s about leading your life with a sustainable sense of self-sourced trust and leadership. It’s about how you inhabit and support yourself through the real-work of life; relationships, boundaries, sex, and expressing ourselves.

The real work of Awakening Your Inner Woman™ is slow, sensual, and embodied. It is lived and felt. When a woman takes a seat in her feminine center and gains the knowledge to tend to her female vitality there’s a palpable and sustainable change, an inner fire that turns on. This inner fire is a place to find yourself again and again. It’s a fire you circulate through your body to radiate the flavor of your Inner Woman™. A place to come home, even in the most challenging flavors of life.

Your body holds the keys to living as the woman you came here to be.

The foundation for creating what you want begins with being deeply connected with your cyclic body and Inner Woman™. This inner connection is what will both ignite action and incubate inspiration and wisdom to self-guide you through every flavor of life.

Deeply inhabiting your womanly body is different than simply moving or feeling your body. It’s not something you do, rather it’s a quality you continuously turn on through how you live and practice working with your living human landscape.

If you often find yourself feeling lost and confused about how to take the next steps forward in your life, it could be that you are not supported in  having that deeper exploration that includes the very foundation of your life; your womanly body and your nervous system.

Your womanly body can be a sensual sanctuary, pleasurable ally, and a steady home that you learn to actively work with to support yourself to live as the woman you came here to be. Our body is exactly where we need to be having the conversation with what we truly love and want in our life. It’s where we learn to both actively hold grief, anger, and uninhibited joy. It’s where you awaken and learn to embody the many faces of the woman you came here to be. 



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From my Inner Woman to yours

It sounds too simple to be true, right? But the truth is I -slowly- turned on my cyclic wisdom with five questions I just made for myself to explore my cycle [in an easy, but deep-diving way] Little did I know that this simple practice would radically change and influence every area of my life.
They can do the same for you. Even after so many years they are a pillar for me in daily embodied leadership. And now thousands of women have joined me in this practice, will you join us too and transform your relationship with your cyclic self?

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