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Yoni Steam Herbal Blends

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Made with specially selected organic European-sourced herbs that work together in a unique and complementary way.

Yoni Steaming relieves stagnation with heat and revitalizing blood flow to your yoni and pelvic floor. It is a traditional form of herbal medicine and the herbs are put together to optimize your Yoni Steam for your needs.

Contains 125 grams // 4.4 oz
Suggested portions: 8-10 Yoni Steams.
Ships Worldwide From Europe with tracking option.

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Yoni Steam Herbal Blends - Womb Warmer Blend
Yoni Steam Herbal Blends - Gentle Soother Blend

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Womb Warmer blend is a nourishing and uplifting blend of organic herbs that is warming and stimulates pelvic vitality, or as I like to say “a womb in bloom”. It contains some of my personal favorite herbs for Yoni Steaming in a balancing amount to optimally compliment each other.

Gentle Soother blend  is a soothing and moisturizing blend of organic herbs that contains a blend of both mildly warming and cooling herbs that can be especially nourishing around birth and menopause. This mixture can also be used to make a sitting bath. 

All herbal blends are made with specially selected and thoughtfully sourced organic European herbs that work together in a unique and complementary way.

Suggested portions: 8-10 Yoni Steams
125 grams // 4.4 oz
Eco-friendly packaging
Ships Worldwide From Europe with tracking option.

For more details on Yoni Steaming, you can read my go-to blog post which gives a detailed guide to yoni steaming.

Be sure to also order a Yoni Steam Chair  with your herbs to get the very most out of your Yoni Steams.


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