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Yoni Steam Chair

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This handmade Yoni Steam Chair in natural materials makes it easy to get the most effective Yoni Steam treatment at home. It is of the highest quality and designed to make it easy to sit in a stable and ergonomic way, so that you can make the most of the nutritious herbal breath.

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Your own Yoni Steam Chair in great natural materials

This Yoni Steam chair should be part of every woman’s home. In order to receive the many positive effects of Yoni Steaming, it is necessary to have easy access in a busy day, so you can use it as often as needed. In addition, there is a big difference in how therapeutic and effective a Yoni Steam is depending on what you are sitting on. With this Yoni Steam sauna chair you will have the opportunity to create the most effective Yoni Steam in your own home. It is easy to use, long-lasting, and completely free of chemicals to protect your powerful feminine center.

Measures 34.5cm high: This height is ideal for most women across all stages of life, including being the ideal height when steaming postpartum or with any pelvic floor dysfunction.

Other Details:

  • UPDATE: We have created a 100% plant-based wood wax to treat and protect the Yoni Steam Chairs. Your Yoni Steam Chair  comes with the wax already applied, and you also get a small tin of this wood wax to keep your chair in good condition and will last you for many, many years (more can be ordered from the shop if required). ***The pictures on this page still show the untreated chair.*** We will update pictures soon.
  • The Yoni Steam Chair comes with protective cork underneath the Yoni Steam chair, to minimize wear and tear on the wood.
  • There is a sheet of cork to lay your hot pot on to insulate and protect the wooden base. You might also put this cork sheet above something else that you use to raise the height of the pot closer to the top opening.
  • The Yoni Steam Chair is designed to easily accommodate insertion of an electric cord through a hole for the option of placing a hot plate inside for longer steams. However you can also Yoni Steam without a hot plate, which is my personal preference.
  • Some of you may be wondering why the price increased significantly in 2023? Previously we did not treat the wood and left it to you to choose how you would do that. We found that providing untreated wood was actually not ideal for most people.  So now we finish the wood with a 100% plant-based wood wax, a non-toxic and low-maintenance solution.  When you order a chair, it is naturally treated and waxed to a silky smooth finish and  you are provided with enough wood wax to last you for many, many years. And in addition to other quality improvements, the price of wood increased multiple times since we first made chairs (2017).

For more details on Yoni Steaming, you can read my go-to blog post which gives a detailed guide to yoni steaming.

Be sure to also order some Yoni Steam Blends made with organic herbs for use with your Yoni Steam chair.

Ships Worldwide From Europe with tracking.

Care Instructions: Made with pine wood, and waxed with a 100% plant-based wood wax. Apply only a very small amount of wax using a piece of cloth and buff (every 6 months or as needed). It is ideal to wipe dry and then keep the lid on after each use. Apply a sparring amount of the provided wood wax as needed.  Please keep out of direct sunlight if you wish to prolong the light color of the wood for as long as possible. Store away from direct exposure to heat such as a fireplace, radiator, or sunshine near a window.

Being handmade, this is a limited stock availability item. Register your interest to be notified when it is re-stocked if sold out

2 reviews for Yoni Steam Chair

  1. Luna (verified owner)

    The yoni steam chair is made in pure wood and fits a pot perfectly. It is nice to sit on and works wonderful together with Indigomoons magic herbs for yoni steam.
    I can highly recommend. 🙂
    The chair is pure wood without anything; I just gave it some soap (“sæbespåner”) so the wood will look better for a longer time.And don’t hesitate if you think about how to store it in a small place: You can easily place a pillow on top and use it for a small chair too. Or a yoni alter. <3

  2. H.

    Love it! ?

    The “Yoni Steam Chair” is very comfortable, thus relaxing into the pelvis becomes pure joy.

    The first session lasted almost 40 minutes, I almost fell asleep.

    It encases warmth for a very long time, I could have stayed even longer than that …

    As the pelvis eased up, so did the neck area and the breathing as well.

    Before having it, when steaming, I was squatting, hence it became a real workout challenge for the legs to hold that position and to continue remaining relaxed at the same time.

    Thank you, dear Indigomoon, for making yoni steaming easy with this cosy chair!

    I recommend it wholeheartedly! ?

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