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Ep.003 Cervical Dysplasia - A Natural Healing Journey

Noelani was diagnosed with severe, stage 3 cervical dysplasia, and after being bullied by an OBGYN to get surgery, she instead chose to listen to herself and find a way to heal holistically. This is the inspiring story of a woman who found a different path that not only healed her abnormal cells, but also sparked her creativity and set her on a different path in life. 

Healing Cervical Dysplasia Naturally

Today we are talking about cervical dysplasia, also known as precancerous abnormal cells on the cervix. The is something that so many women discover they have during a routine pap smear. In mild cases it is often left to resolve on its own, while being monitored to see if it advances. There are various medical treatments offered to remove abnormal cells, such as procedures that laser, freeze, or surgical removal. However today we are talking about choose an alternative route for healing.

These are important stories to share, especially because some women do experience unrecognized side effects from these more invasive medical procedures, such as changes in libido, ability to orgasm, increase in risk of pre-term labor, and feeling disconnected from their feminine center.

This episode is in no way intended as medical advice, or to say which treatment is right for every woman. But rather to inspire you with the story of one woman who chose a holistic treatment with plant medicine.

Noelani Love is a life alchemist, she incorporates all her passions into creating her dream life, and supports others to do the same. She’s a mother, yogini, jewelry designer, musician, surfer, and a woman who dives heart first into life and believes in the healing power of our intentions.

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Learn more about escharotic treatment, one of the elements in Noelani’s holistic treatment protocol.


Book mentioned: Natural Women’s Health by Dr. Lorie Steelsmith