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Ep.001 What 'Cycle Wise' Means

In this short solo-episode I speak the vision and the hope that is Cycle WiseTo get us started on the Cycle Wise journey, I want to lay the foundation for this podcast by sharing what Cycle Wise means, and the seeds I am hoping to sprout and root through these conversations. Our cyclic bodies are here to mature us into elders one day, and before that preparing us for each season of life before we stand in it. There is so much available to us – and Cycle Wise is about making the journey through the pilgrimage place of your body. And along this journey, we need women’s stories. Cycle Wise stories.

Cycle Wise Is Women's Wisdom

This is a place where we remember that women’s stories matter. Women’s Wisdom matter. Your nourishment and wholeness matter. And together we’ll remember, as we come together with each episode of the Cycle Wise Podcast.

Resources & Links

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