Yoni Steaming

Step into the creative power of your menstrual cycle while experiencing deep womb healing. As you lie down and close your eyes, you will heal cycle shame and forge a loving and nurturing relationship with your cyclic body. You will discover what is truly available within this wise womanly landscape you live in.

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Choose your Yoni Steam blend of organic herbs from Europe
Ships Worldwide From Europe

Not sure which Yoni Steam herbs would be best for you? Choose one of my formulated Yoni Steam Herbal Blends tailored to different needs. Made with carefully chosen European-sourced organic herbs that nourish and warm your feminine center. Each packet contain enough herbs for 8-10 Yoni Steams.

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Ships Worldwide From Europe

With your own Yoni Steam Chair there is no uncomfortable squatting or trying to make the toilet into a temple. With this chair comes your ceremonial space that increases your relaxation and the benefits of the herbal pelvic steam. It is made with your health in mind with sustainable, untreated wood with no chemicals.

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Join the tribe along with thousands of women on the journey together, activating & awakening our womanly body as a resource for truly living as the woman we came here to be. 

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