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Ep.006 The Inner Work Of Loving Menopause

For most women the word “menopause” doesn’t conjure up a lot of positive and exciting prospects. But today I’m talking with Grethe Lous on the inner work of loving menopause. And how to use this transition as a transformational time to step into leadership and your inner wise woman. Grethe shares the perspective of menopause as; a pause where you find new layers and depths of the woman you are. This is an episode for every woman who wants to ripen and rise through every cyclic season of her life.

Unlock the power of menopause

Grethe Lous is on a mission to help women discover their inner wise woman. Grethe has an intuitive, spiritual approach to menopause. She supports women through all aspects of menopause from physical, mental, emotional, to spiritual changes that may arise during this season of life. 

I’ve had the pleasure of diving deep with as a client in my mentoring program, and seeing first hand the way she has soulfully unfolded her season of menopause as a catalyst to step into more wisdom and personal leadership. 

With this episode I hope for us to be the women that value menopause, and together create a new story around what it means to transition and age with more power and more pleasure. 

We talk about…

  • The subconscious ways we define menopause that hide its true power. 
  • What it takes to use pain as a messenger and source of power. 
  • What you have to do if you want menopause to be the best time of your life.
  • How to stop numbing yourself through the changes and embrace the mess. 
  • Setting boundaries, inner leadership, and asking for your wisdom to be acknowledged. 
  • Including your family to thrive through menopause.
  • How community leads to less symptoms and more pleasure through menopause. 
  • Grethe’s powerful transformation through my mentoring program and how it helped her create the work she does now.
  • How Yoni Steaming helps in menopause. 
  • The power of  working with your sensual and sexual energy at any age. 

“In cultures where menopausal women are accorded value, there is less likelihood of difficulties. Symptoms may be experiences, but are interpreted differently, they are not seen as problems that require treatment. Rather they may be viewed as indicators of the arrival of a new and respected phase of life. These are two different energetic responses, the symptoms may be the same, but it is our response, our interpretation of them that changes” by Xiolan Zhao

Resources & Links

Connect with Grethe Lous: | Instagram @grethes_overgang | Join Grethe’s Facebook Group

In this episode I mention the menopause research from Professor Jo Brewis, you can learn more about that HERE. 

Quote shared from the book:  “Reflections of the Moon on Water, Healing Women’s Bodies and Minds Through Traditional Chinese Wisdom by Xiolan Zhao.