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Ep.005 Reclaiming Postpartum - Preparation & Community

My guest today is Carla Muhling, mother of two and doula from Bellingen, Australia. She shares her two different postpartum journeys, and the hard-earned wisdom she gained from traversing a challenging postpartum journey with her first-born, which led her to prepare for her second postpartum in an entirely different way. 

Reclaiming Postpartum Care

Rest is not a luxury after birth, it’s a necessity. But in a modern world that is not set up to support new mothers, it requires resources and knowledge to make a postpartum plan that works. Here’s what you need to know. Be inspired by what Carla did different the second time when she knew how critical rest, hands-on-support, and community is for optimal healing after birth. 

We talk about navigating the first year postpartum with gentleness and solid support. How critical postpartum preparation is, and the major cost to women who aren’t prepared for postpartum both physically and emotionally. We dive into what you must include in your postpartum care plan, and the myths about arriving at 6-weeks postpartum. We unfold what it looks like to support the greater journey through your first year postpartum, as you are after all “postpartum for life” as Robin Lim has said. 

I hope you are left with inspiration for supporting yourself and the new mothers in your community. The postpartum phase deserves reverence, and this is something we definitely need to offer ourselves, but it’s also something we have to do together, shifting towards a way of living where we support each other in community through the changing seasons and cycles of life.

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