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(Ep.009) Birth is ceremony – 4.5 days of freebirthing my son

Ep.009 Birth is ceremony – 4.5 days of freebirthing my son. Today I am taking you on a journey through my epic 4.5 day long freebirth of my son. That’s right, four-and-a-half-days in the birth portal with just my husband and I present, there’s quite the story to tell! Join my husband, Rachan Chindarsi, and […]

(Ep.007) Our Preconception, Spirit Babies, and Freebirth

Ep.007 Our Preconception, Spirit Babies, and Free Birth Join my husband and I for a very personal conversation where talk about the emotional journey leading up to the conscious conception of our son Kamaiio Coaiia, including the three pregnancy losses we experienced. This was recorded back in January 2020, one month after the free birth […]

Understanding Right & Left Breast Energetics

Our breasts are amazingly sensitive energy centers and chakras of the female body. Imbalances can arise as breast pain, lumps, cancer, or if you are breastfeeding as blocked ducts or mastitis. Your right and left breasts speak to different underlying energetics, and so when imbalances arise in our breasts it can be helpful to try […]

(Ep.003) Birth In The Matrix, Birth Culture & White Supremacy with Olivyah Bowens

Ep.003 Birth In The Matrix, Birth Culture & White Supremacy Olivyah Bowens is the conscious doula behind Her Holistic Path. Together we take a critical look at todays birth culture, and dive into white supremacy in birth, and how the origins of gynecology and obstetrics are still affecting the way women birth today. We also talk about the […]

The Power Of Breast Massage (Guided Practice Mp3)

Self Breast Massage is amazing. Your breasts are energy centers, chakras of your feminine body, of feelings, emotions, love, orgasmic energy, and deep nourishment. Because breasts are such key energy centers of the female body, breast massage is an important women’s vitality practice for your physical and emotional well-being. 

Awaken Sensuality & Balance Your Emotions With Self-Massage

I gently pour a droplet of oil into my palm, and let my hand guide the oil into my body, slowly discovering the landscape of my feminine body on this day, in this moment. Discovering the Inner Woman™ that is alive in me today, and the stories my body is whispering.  I use self-massage a […]

Five Essential Habits That Turn On The Woman You Came Here To Be

My daily habits and rhythms are the pillars for nourishing what I’ve cultivated through Awakening my Inner Woman™ and living life from the inside-out. After all life is build by all these daily doings. And habits shape who we are and how we live. These five daily habits are a mix of inner beliefs and […]