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Your Womb Has A Spirit Door

Pregnancy release is early birth.Pregnancy loss is initiation into mother. And pregnancy loss is significant regardless of gestation age. Back in December 2017 I had a very unconventional pregnancy loss with my spirit daughter Aviaya at-home, click play on the video below to hear the full story.  My pregnancy journeys with my spirit daughter Aviaya […]

(Ep.011) Herbal Miscarriage & Abortion: Supporting pregnancy loss at home with Molly Dutton Kenny

Ep.011 Herbal Miscarriage & Abortion: Supporting pregnancy loss at home with Molly Dutton Kenny Loosing a pregnancy you wanted, or choosing to end one is both tender and complex for most of us. I’ve sat in the grief of a pregnancy ending early, and what helped me the most was knowing how to navigate the […]

Heal Your Womb With Castor Oil Packs

I love castor oil packs, although they can be messy they make me feel so revitalized! I’ve used them to heal after pregnancy losses and I’ve often used them as premenstrual self-care to support my cycle to flow with ease. With clients I almost always include it when I work with women experiencing fertility challenges or fibroids. And I’ve seen it work wonders on c-section or laparoscopy scars that previously inhibited the womb.

(Ep.007) Our Preconception, Spirit Babies, and Freebirth

Ep.007 Our Preconception, Spirit Babies, and Free Birth Join my husband and I for a very personal conversation where talk about the emotional journey leading up to the conscious conception of our son Kamaiio Coaiia, including the three pregnancy losses we experienced. This was recorded back in January 2020, one month after the free birth […]

(Ep.005) Reclaiming Postpartum – Preparation & Community with Carla Muhling

Ep.005 Reclaiming Postpartum – Preparation & Community My guest today is Carla Muhling, mother of two and doula from Bellingen, Australia. She shares her two different postpartum journeys, and the hard-earned wisdom she gained from traversing a challenging postpartum journey with her first-born, which led her to prepare for her second postpartum in an entirely […]

3 Ways All Women Should Prepare For Menopause

For most women perimenopause & menopause is not something you prepare for, it is something that happens. A season of life that comes to claim you. If we lived in a world where women’s wisdom was intact, and we lived in harmony with our bodies and the earth, we would enter perimenopause & menopause with all […]

Your Complete Guide To The Feminine Ritual Of Yoni Steams

A Yoni Steam, also known as vaginal steam, is the ancient practice of sitting or squatting over steaming pot of water infused with herbs. It’s a powerful ally for women’s vitality in nourishing the uterus, regulating irregular cycles, reducing menstrual pain + imbalances and supporting fertility and reproductive health. It also supports spiritual and emotional cleansing and healing […]