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Breast Opportunity with Rachelle Poitras cover

Ep.002 Breast Opportunity - Exploring Holistic Breast Care

Rachelle Poitras is the woman behind Metanoia – an amazing online platform dedicated to providing you with the best tools and most digestible information to empower you in your journey for wellness and breast health.  Learn how to support holistic breast vitality yourself with the knowledge and tips every woman should know. 

Transform your breast health

Breasts are what I consider energy centers, chakras of your womanly body — of emotions, love, orgasmic energy, and guides in receiving deep nourishment. But they are also a part of our bodies that can be shrouded in fear as many conversations around breasts often center around breast disease –  rather than how to support breast vitality yourself. 

Rachelle shares the powerful insights she’s gained through her own healing journey to resolve benign breast growths. During her healing journey she has become a Holistic nutritionist, herbalist, learned about Ayurveda and how our body, mind, and spirit are interwoven.

In this conversation we cover everything from Rachelle’s own journey with both western and holistic medicine, lifestyle and breast healing practices, understanding the emotional and energetic nature of breast health, 

Resources & Links

Rachelle is generously offering 15% off breast masks. The Nurture Mask is designed for all women of any age to support her in any stage of her breast health journey. Buy here.

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Rachelle’s recommended books: 

  • Finding Ultra by Rich Roll
  • Women’s Bodies, Women Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup
  • Renegade Beauty by Nadine Artemis
  • Breast Cancer? Breast Health! by Susun Weed

Connect with Rachelle: | Instagram: @her_metanoia

The Power Of Breast Massage: I’ve got a Free Guided Breast Meditation for you on my blog, it is a favorite in my community and is a great way to open up a more nurturing relationship with your breasts. Click here to try it

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Self Breast Massage is amazing. Your breasts are energy centers, chakras of your feminine body, of feelings, emotions, love, orgasmic energy, and deep nourishment. Because breasts are such key energy centers of the female body, breast massage is an important women’s vitality practice for your physical and emotional well-being.  Continue Reading “The Power Of Breast Massage (Guided Practice Mp3)”

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I gently pour a droplet of oil into my palm, and let my hand guide the oil into my body, slowly discovering the landscape of my feminine body on this day, in this moment. Discovering the Inner Woman™ that is alive in me today, and the stories my body is whispering. 

I use self-massage a lot. It awakens my sensual instincts, nourishes my body and is one of the easiest ways I know for getting in touch with my Inner Woman™ and shifting any stagnant emotions in my body. Self-massage creates the space I need for being with everything that is our world today. And for staying connected with present-moment-experience in both the brightest and darkest moments.

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