I gently pour a droplet of oil into my palm, and let my hand guide the oil into my body, slowly discovering the landscape of my feminine body on this day, in this moment. Discovering the Inner Woman™ that is alive in me today, and the stories my body is whispering. 

I use self-massage a lot. It awakens my sensual instincts, nourishes my body and is one of the easiest ways I know for getting in touch with my Inner Woman™ and shifting any stagnant emotions in my body. Self-massage creates the space I need for being with everything that is our world today. And for staying connected with present-moment-experience in both the brightest and darkest moments.

Self-massage is the opening of a conversation between you and your truth telling body. Placing your healing hands on your feminine body, letting your breath follow your touch, while opening your inner eyes and attentively listening to what is alive you today is a doorway the into your deepest truth.

What you need

  • A quiet space for yourself. Often I do it in the morning before I get out of bed, as a bed time ritual, or on my yoga mat after my practice.
  • Oil. I love organic coconut oil, but you can use any organic oil that you enjoy massaging with.

Sensual Self-Massages for full body bliss

Breast Massage

Breast Massage can be a feminine, embodied meditation when you sink into the experience. Your beautiful breasts are wings of your heart, and reveal the deeper layers of what is alive in you when you listen with your hands and body. I love how Breast Massage can soothe, nourish, as well as turn on, depending on how and when you use it.

Breast massage is perfect for connecting with your heart and creating space for any emotional stories you are carrying. It nourishes your womanly body at any stage of life. And it can also awaken your sensual and sexual fire when combined with breath. Breast massage is truly a woman’s medicine in so many ways.

Regular breast massage is also really helpful for staying in tune with your breast health and noticing any changes in your breasts that may reveal imbalances. And the best things is, you don’t need any special instructions to do breast massage, just pour some oil in your hands and follow what feels good.

Womb & Belly Self-Care Massage

This is the self-care massage I also teach women in my Womb Massage Sessions. And it is the self-care massage that is taught in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy pioneered by Rosita Arvigo.

This type of self-care massage consists of very easy-to-learn movements that work on your diaphragm, belly, and directly over your womb (uterus) + ovaries. It’s a powerful, yet simple and quick self-massage that supports not only digestion, fertility, womb vitality, but also healthy blood, lymph and energy flow. Learn more here.

I love it for creating pleasureful menstruation, ovulation, and for connecting to my womb through all the 4 phases of my menstrual cycle. It’s also my go-to tool for releasing stress and emotional armoring that can build up in our belly and womb.

Gentle Yoni & Pelvic Floor Massage

Yoni self-massage is a very gentle way of connecting deeply with your feminine center in the pelvic bowl and working with your core energy. I separate this type of Yoni Massage from some of the other self-pleasure practices I work with, such as jade eggs, in order to accentuate that this type of Yoni Massage is focused on soothing and releasing pelvic floor muscles, as well as working with the energy of your feminine center.

Incorporating Yoni Self-Massage into my self-care practices has been a huge catalyst on my journey of awakening my Inner Woman. And I would say, it is probably the practice that has been the most life-changing as far as learning to actively work with the energy of my feminine center in all areas of my life.

In my one-on-one Mentoring, all my clients learn how to work with their pelvic bowl during our time together.

To learn more about pelvic-self-care I also highly recommend the book Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent.

For full-body bliss

When I make the time for it, I love to do all three self-massages and truly awaken and nourish my feminine body. It is such a treat to massage my breasts: connecting with my heart. And then softening my belly and womb with the mayan abdominal self-care massage. And then I complete with a gentle Yoni Massage where I learn from the energy patterns in my Yoni, release tension, and fill up my feminine center with my loving presence.

There is a magical inner conversation that is opened through touching your body with sensual presence. And I hope you may be inspired to experiment with self-massage and connecting with your body through touch.