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Understanding Right & Left Breast Energetics

Our breasts are amazingly sensitive energy centers and chakras of the female body. Imbalances can arise as breast pain, lumps, cancer, or if you are breastfeeding as blocked ducts or mastitis. Your right and left breasts speak to different underlying energetics, and so when imbalances arise in our breasts it can be helpful to try […]

(Ep.002) Breast Opportunity – Exploring Holistic Breast Care with Rachelle Poitras

Ep.002 Breast Opportunity – Exploring Holistic Breast Care Rachelle Poitras is the woman behind Metanoia – an amazing online platform dedicated to providing you with the best tools and most digestible information to empower you in your journey for wellness and breast health.  Learn how to support holistic breast vitality yourself with the knowledge and […]