The Power Of Breast Massage (Guided Practice Mp3)

Self Breast Massage is amazing. Your breasts are energy centers, chakras of your feminine body, of feelings, emotions, love, orgasmic energy, and deep nourishment. Because breasts are such key energy centers of the female body, breast massage is an important women’s vitality practice for your physical and emotional well-being. 

It’s one of those simple practices that have added so much nourishment to my life, and I recommend it to every woman, at any age.

One practice, many results

I love how Breast Massage can be used in so many ways to meet a variety of needs. Check out my previous articles, where I’ve written about how I use breast massage to release PMS symptoms, and combine it with other self-massage practices to awaken sensuality and balance emotions. 

It’s an amazing way to ensure that you have healthy breast tissue and lymphatic circulation. It’s also one of my favourite tools for processing emotions, and releasing stored energy in my body. And it is a gentle way to increase pleasure, and open up the orgasmic pathways of your feminine body.

Lie down and listen to your guided Breast Massage Meditation right here.

Breast Massage physiological benefits:

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and circulation in the breasts.
  • Relieves congestion, pain, and swelling
  • Decreases breast tenderness and PMS symptoms.
  • Supports hormone balance.
  • Helpful for noticing any changes in your breasts
  • Supports milk flow and vitality while breast feeding

Other benefits:

  • Releasing emotions & connecting with your Inner Woman.
  • Nurtures self-love & body presence
  • Connect with your sensuality
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself
  • Increase pleasure and orgasmic energy.

If you wear a wire bra it is even more important that you do regular breast massage. Bra’s are often tight and worn for long periods of time, they add pressure to the blood and lymph vessels in your breasts creating poor circulation and stagnation.

Breast Massage will leave you with more self-love, radiance, and pleasure.

All you need is a quiet place to yourself, and your favorite organic massage oil. I love to use coconut oil. If you don’t have any oil, you can also do it over your clothes, or use a gentler touch directly on your skin.

Press play or download my Breast Massage Meditation. 

So tell me beautiful, how do you feel after trying this breast massage?

Leave a comment below. Are you hooked on this juicy practice yet?  For the last 5 years this has been one of my favourite practices to awaken my Inner Woman, and I’m so excited to share it with you. 

Do you know anyone who could benefit from this practice? Then share it and pass it on to the women in your life.

Indigomoon Enemark is a Women’s Wisdom Keeper, Womb Massage Therapist, Cycle Expert & Mentor to women worldwide seeking to fall in love with their bodies, go from painful to pleasurable cycles, and step into instinctual embodied leadership.

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15 comments on “The Power Of Breast Massage (Guided Practice Mp3)
  1. Lila says:

    Thank you for this recording Indigomoon. I just did the massage and at first it was perfectly pleasant. I kept yawning and sighing, but then right at the end when you said something about living a life on our own terms I burst into tears! I carried on cupping my breasts as I cried. I guess it must be that there is emotion locked into my breasts, and at the moment I am healing sexual abuse. I will keep on with this practise. Thank you 🙂

    • Indigomoon says:

      Thank you for sharing Lila! What a powerful release. I’m so glad this practice could support you. Our breasts are such a gateway for emotional healing and revealing what is unspoken. Love & support to you xx

  2. Tamara says:

    Floating weightlessly and effortlessly in the center of the moment.
    Thank you for this present, beautiful sister <3

  3. Luise says:

    Thanks so much for this Indigomoon! I felt so connected with myself and my femine pleasurable side. Afterwards I was all soft and open. My palms where really warm and especially my left breast felt like it was almost burning. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world <3

  4. Lea says:

    Amazing, thank you for sharing this!
    I read somewhere, that you should only massage in one direction around your breasts and not the other way around, if you have wens/benign growth
    (?- I hope that is the right english words) in your breast ? Can it be “dangerous” if you have these benign growth- it does not feel dangerous. Do you know about any risks ?
    Love from Lea

    • Indigomoon says:

      My pleasure Lea, I’m glad you liked it 🙂 You don’t have to worry about the direction affecting your breast lumps. Breast Massage is wonderful to nurture any congestion and increase circulation. In the taoist tradition each direction is used for different purposes, but mostly combined. The clock-wise motion, while drawing up from your yoni, is described as a way to disperse energy. And the anti-clock-wise motion while drawing the energy from above, is described as a way to stimulate glands, hormones, and vitality in the breasts. ~ Allow your intuition to guide your hands and you will nourish the meridians, glands, and lymph system that runs through your breasts. You can also combine your breast massage with castor oil packs to further support your benign growths. I hope that helps. Xx Indigomoon

  5. Beautifull Indigomoon, your meditation and the music brought me inwards and opened my heart. I hope I can guide other Sisters to your site and beautifull gifts. XXX

  6. Rebecca says:

    Indigomoon, thank you so much for this. I stumbled upon it in the moment that I truly needed it <3 What started off as a pleasant massage that felt delicious and luxurious (complete with yawns and utter yuminess) ended with a ‘new-to-me’ empowerment. The thought that as women, not only are we life-bringers, but through our breasts life nourishers as well. I came away with so much love for the women in my life and the realization of just how powerful we all are. Thank you so much for this!

    • Indigomoon says:

      Aw thank you Rebecca, your loving comment made my day! I’m so glad it was nourishing for you. Us women and our amazing bodies truly are powerful. Xo Indigomoon.

      • Vaibhav S A says:

        I read this article it’s very important to every women to take out some time for ourself from busy schedule.
        If we Practice massage in daily life
        I think every women should be happy.

        Once again thanks to publish this article.

        • Indigomoon says:

          Thank you Vaibhav, it sure is important to nourish ourselves and I know from myself and the women I work with that self-massage can increases pleasure, joy, and a sense of belonging in yourself. I hope you try out the Breast Massage Meditation. Xo Indigomoon

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