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Your Womb Has A Spirit Door

Pregnancy release is early birth.Pregnancy loss is initiation into mother. And pregnancy loss is significant regardless of gestation age. Back in December 2017 I had a very unconventional pregnancy loss with my spirit daughter Aviaya at-home, click play on the video below to hear the full story.  My pregnancy journeys with my spirit daughter Aviaya […]

(Ep.011) Herbal Miscarriage & Abortion: Supporting pregnancy loss at home with Molly Dutton Kenny

Ep.011 Herbal Miscarriage & Abortion: Supporting pregnancy loss at home with Molly Dutton Kenny Loosing a pregnancy you wanted, or choosing to end one is both tender and complex for most of us. I’ve sat in the grief of a pregnancy ending early, and what helped me the most was knowing how to navigate the […]

The Freebirth Of My Son Kamaiio Coaiia

Kamaiio Coaiia was born on the evening of December 15th, 2019 at 42+4 weeks pregnant, with only my husband and I present to welcome our son safely at home.

(Ep.005) Reclaiming Postpartum – Preparation & Community with Carla Muhling

Ep.005 Reclaiming Postpartum – Preparation & Community My guest today is Carla Muhling, mother of two and doula from Bellingen, Australia. She shares her two different postpartum journeys, and the hard-earned wisdom she gained from traversing a challenging postpartum journey with her first-born, which led her to prepare for her second postpartum in an entirely […]

(Video) Preconception: Rethinking How To Prepare For Pregnancy.

Imagine moving into pregnancy and motherhood on a foundation of self-trust with an already deep knowledge of women’s wisdom and pregnancy. When we start to think of preconception as an integral part of pregnancy, we can take some time to lean inwards to build the resources and women’s wisdom it takes to navigate the labyrinth […]