Womb Massage

Womb Massage

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Nourish your womb into vibrant health & create pleasurable cycles, healthy fertility, and feel nourished through menopause.

Womb Massage (also called mayan abdominal massage and fertility massage) is based on The Techniques Of Mayan Abdominal Therapy, a holistic health care practice based on Maya tradition.

Womb Massage includes a warming abdominal massage that softens the belly center and musculature, improves vital blood and lymph flow, and adjusts internal organs into balance creating the optimal environment for health, vitality, and pleasure.

womb massage testimonial

I'm feeling connected to my feminine powers in a way I haven't before. 

During your session I felt connected to my body and femininity. I’m feeling connected to my feminine powers in a way I haven’t before. Your work is healing, feminine-goddess-like and powerful. This is  for any woman longing to connect with their bodies, wanting to find healing with feminine issues: infertility, breast/ovarian cancer or medical issues and connect with their sexuality. I adore you Indigomoon!

Ellen Nightingale, www.ElleNightingale.com

Womb Massage Benefits For Women:

 Menstrual Pain & Imbalances

Womb Massage helps to create the foundation for healthy cycles & hormone balance. 

Painful cramps, breast tenderness and PMS are signals of imbalance.

Womb Massage is very effective for supporting many types of menstrual and ovulation imbalances, from painful periods, fibroids, cysts, to irregular cycles or endometriosis. 

We will focus on both the physical, emotional, and spiritual layer of your cyclic body, and you will learn how to balance your menstrual cycle.


Womb Massage is also known as a fertility massage.

Fertility is the natural result of a healthy cycle and a nourished feminine center. 

When your uterus is aligned, blood and lymph flow is flowing smoothly, and your digestion is great you create the inner vitality for conceiving your baby. 

On an emotional and spiritual level, Womb Massage supports you to connect more deeply with your feminine center, so you can prepare your future baby's first home,  and find a sanctuary within yourself to navigate the journey of motherhood. 


After Birth

Nourishing bodywork after the major work of pregnancy & birth is vital for women to recover fully postpartum. 

You can receive Womb Massage 6 weeks after vaginal birth. Or in the case of cesarean birth once the incision is healed.  

In a postpartum session the focus is on supporting the uterus and bladder into their optimal position, revitalizing your digestive fire, and nourishing your amazing body for all the work it has done. 

In the case of cesarean birth we also focus on softening the scar tissue to prevent adhesions. 


Miscarriage & Abortion

Womb Massage aids in both physical and emotional healing after miscarriage. 

After miscarriage the physical focus is similar to after birth, however the emotional and energetic focus is different. Physically the womb is nourished to rebalance and restore a healthy cycle as quickly as possible. 

In the cases of miscarriages and abortions the womb may become "cold" or stagnant with unresolved emotion, or if we distant ourselves from our feminine center and body. Womb Massage brings warmth and presence to revitalize and nourish.



Increase your digestive fire & release stagnant emotions from your belly center. 

During your Womb Massage we work gently, but deeply on the whole belly. The diaphragm is released, and the massage of the upper belly support the muscles around the stomach and arteries to release fresh blood flow into your elimination organs. 

Increased digestive fire is vital for absorbing nutrients from the food you eat, but it also plays an important role in your hormone balance. 

The self-massage can support you for on-going digestive health. 


Perimenopause &

Womb Massage is wonderful for supporting perimenopause, and nourishing well-being through menopause and beyond. 

During Perimenopause, years leading up to menopause, Womb Massage supports the womb to complete a thorough cleansing before you complete your reproductive years. 

After menopause Womb Massage supports bladder alignment, hormone balance, and the on-going connection with your feminine center. 

Womb Massage combined with Yoni Steams can be a wonderful support for vaginal dryness. 



Besides the physical benefits on gynecological health, Womb Massage also guides you home to your feminine center and Inner Woman, and awakens your sensual awareness.

Rosita Arvigo that has pioneered the teachings of The Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Massage in the west, and passes on the beautiful indigenous understanding that a woman’s uterus is not only her physical center, it is her emotional and spiritual center.

Important – Womb Massage is not advised if: 

  • You have an IUD/coil fitted
  • Have had recent abdominal surgery
  • It’s less than 3-months since your C-section, or less than 6 weeks postpartum
  • Have active cancer or infection is present or suspected in the pelvis
  • Or if you are undergoing chemotherapy.

Gabi's womb massage testimonial

Indigomoon's work is phenomenal. She brings light to the sacred wisdom of female cycles, ceremonies and traditions.

With her unique way to see people she helped me to excel my own potential and explore my femininity. Which brought new light into my body and spirit. I felt awakened and became curious of studying more of this new aspect of myself.

When receiving one of her Womb Massages, I was lifted to another dimension. She helped me to awaken all aspects of myself and I’m so grateful for the transformational work Indigomoon has taught me and she also gave me tools to keep practicing and exploring new dimensions on my own.” 

Gabriella Bergback, Acro Yoga Teacher

What To Expect In Your First Womb Massage Session

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Your session will always start with a conversation.  

Before your Womb Massage you will fill out a questionnaire that will be the foundation for tailoring your session to your personal needs.

We will discuss your cycle, or what is happening in your body, and what you can do to balance any imbalances.

You will gain both a greater understanding of your body, and learn practical ways to work with both the physical and emotional layers of your female body. 

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Then you will lie down for your Womb Massage.

Each session combines soothing and non-invasive bodywork centered around the belly, womb and sacrum.

It gently lifts your womb into optimal position, increasing vital blood and lymph flow and support the body into its natural state of health by restoring internal balance in your pelvis and feminine center.

You will also learn easy self-massage techniques to use at home for optimal results. 

womb massage

It is also an option to add a Yoni Steam in private, when you come for your Womb Massage.  

Yoni Steams are a traditional vaginal steam bath that you sit on, they support the healing of many imbalances related to the pelvic area.

It is a warming, soothing and very comfortable experience that adds nourishing heat to your pelvis, improves blood flow, minimize stagnation, and is an amazing healing ally.

Read my Complete Guide To Yoni Steaming right here. 


How many Womb Massages will I need before I see results? 

Depending on what results you are looking for, you will often need a minimum of 2-3 Womb Massage to see results. Revitalizing imbalances does require some time investment and support, but you will learn self-massage techniques and be guided in practices to use at home from your first session.

If you come with very painful periods, cysts, fertility challenges or other imbalances you've dealt with for quite some time, it may require more sessions.

For fertility, I ideally recommend one session per month for 3-months before you begin conceiving.

My focus is always on giving you tools you can do at home, by yourself, so you become your own source of vitality and nourishment.

womb massage testimonial

A big thank you Indigomoon for such a wonderful Womb Massage session. You have such a deep presence, depth of skill, and wisdom born of personal experience that I felt very held the whole way through.

Laurina Kersten, Well Woman Yoga, www.laurinakersten.com


Book Your Womb Massage In Copenhagen 

The Womb Massage sessions are offered in-person in Copenhagen, Denmark. These sessions can be done in danish or english. 


Womb Massage - First session: 875dkk / 140usd 
Womb Massage - Follow up sessions: 750dkk / 120usd

Womb Massage during pregnancy: 700dkk / 112usd

Filling out the form below is the first step in booking your Womb Massage, all the information you share will remain private and be the foundation for tailoring your session to your unique needs. 



Are you pregnant or actively trying to conceive?

What is your primary reason for booking your Womb Massage session?

If you have mentioned a condition above, when did you first notice your symptoms?
Are there any activities that provide relief, or worsen your symptoms?

Share any surgical history (year and type) and/or recent medical procedures:

When did you begin menstruating? What was it like for you?

Describe your menstrual cycle and how you feel on a physical, mental, and emotional level throughout your monthly cycle from your moontime/menstruation, through preovulation, ovulation, and your premenstrual phase, or as much as you know.*

*Please include if you are on any contraceptives that may affect your cycle, such as birth control pills, IUD's or any other.

Pregnancy history: How many pregnancies have you had (if any)? Include information of how many births you've had, or any abortions or miscarriages you'ved had.

Check All That Apply To You
Painful PeriodsDark, thick blood at the beginning or end of your cycleHeadache or migraine with periodBloating / Water Retention with periodPMS / depression with or before periodDizziness with periodHeaviness in pelvis with periodHeavy periodsIrregular periodsPainful ovulationFailure to ovulateDry vaginaFibroidsPelvic inflammationBladder infections / incontinenceEndometriosisUterine PolypsOvarian CystsVaricose veinsNumb legs and feet when standingLow back ache / painCancer (especially of reproductive area)Breasts cystsExperiencing fertility challengesChronic miscarriagePremature deliveriesPainful intercourseDigestive problemsDifficult menopauseHad a hysterectomy

Thank you for everything you've shared! Is there anything else you would like to share with me before your session?