The 5 Daily Habits That Awaken Your Inner Woman™

My daily habits and rhythms are the pillars for awakening my Inner Woman™ and living life from the inside-out. After all life is build by all these daily doings. And habits shape who we are and how we live. These five daily habits are a mix of inner beliefs and daily practices that nourish and fertilize a strong connection with my Inner Woman through the many flavors of life.

These five habits are so powerful, they can transform you from feeling disconnected, confused, and wrong to living life from a place of inner connection – feeling at home in your skin and loving the woman you are. 

One. Welcome all of you

Life can we a wild ride and at times initiates us through stormy emotions, dark nights and vulnerable moments – these are the moments to continue to welcome all of you home.

Welcoming all of you means to love yourself enough to accept and lean into all of what it means to be human and to be a woman who is (also) wild, sensitive, emotional, intuitive, cyclic  and welcome all the faces and phases of life, of yourself into your loving arms. We tend to make our “bad days” wrong or forget the perfectness that lies inside of loving ourselves through tender moments.

The most beautiful prayer you can offer yourself in the morning, is to welcome yourself home. Welcome all faces of yourself into your inner arms, leaving no part unloved. And then kiss your Inner Woman awake with your presence, breath and willingness to be with all of you. If there is resistance or emptiness, kiss that too.

Because here’s what I believe: Your humanness is sacred

Two. Fall in love with your feminine body every day

Your feminine body is a pilgrimage place. It’s so important to arrive fully in your feminine body every day, this is where you come face to face with you Inner Woman and come to know your own truth and wisdom.

It is in the coming home to your body, your feminine center and remembering how to inhabit this wild landscape that you come to fall in love with your feminine body and find your inner sanctuary. Meet yourself before you start your day. Walk the bridge inward before you walk the bridge outward. And worship the wild sacredness of your body and the woman who lives in there, before you worship anything else.

Fall in love with your feminine body everyday with movement that feels good. Lay  your hands on your body and listen, dance, walk, lean into a yoga pose or let the sensuality of your breath open your body. 

Three. Let your Inner Woman guide you

Let your Inner Woman take the lead in your life, by listening to that inner whisper that says do this / go here / I want more of this. Listen for your inner voice and practice speaking, living and doing from your feminine center. Walk the sometimes, wobbly path of trusting your intuition and most of all give yourself permission to not have to explain or reason it to anyone.

The kind of desires that arise from your feminine center, are the ones that guide you into becoming the woman you came here to be.

Four. Let your menstrual cycle be your muse

I also call this feminine lifestyle design. Your Inner Woman speaks through your body, including your menstrual cycle. When you let your menstrual cycle be your muse, you let your feminine cyclic wisdom guide you deeper into parts of who you are. There are four distinct phases of your menstrual cycle, each phase awakening a different part of your Inner Woman™.

Notice each day where you are in your menstrual cycle, what time of the moon it is and what your Inner Woman most need or desires today.

Five. Adorn yourself to shine

Wear something that honors you. This isn’t about looking like someone or something, but it’s about wearing the kind of clothes that awakens your Inner Woman™ and makes you feel beautiful, at ease and ready to live your life.

This can mean different things at different times such as; giving yourself permission to wear exactly what you secretly dream of or finding the soft fabrics that feel perfect again your skin.

The key here is to wear something that compliments how your Inner Woman truly wants to feel on that day.


I’d love to hear from you sister, what habits connect you deeply with your Inner Woman™ on a daily basis? Was there any of these daily habits that spoke to you?



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Indigomoon Enemark is a Women’s Wisdom Keeper, Womb Massage Therapist, Cycle Expert & Mentor to women worldwide seeking to fall in love with their bodies, go from painful to pleasurable cycles, and step into instinctual embodied leadership.

4 comments on “The 5 Daily Habits That Awaken Your Inner Woman™
  1. Love these tips!! Will be referring back to this list each day to align myself.

  2. Lauren says:

    Thankyou for the tips Indigo, am feeling much more womanly and feminine after baby number 2 and much more in touch with the sacred feminine now I’m officially a ‘tiger mum’ 🙂 it’s so strange but have been out of touch with my body ever since I lost my virginity but feel like the time has come to get back in touch as a way to deepen my self love. In other words I’m through with men! haha, am also being called back home to Salisbury nr Stonehenge, a place I think has very strong vibrations and I will be able to be centered once again having had pieces of me all over the place for too long. Keep up the good posts! Hope you are healed and recovered, Love XXX

    • Indigomoon says:

      Beautiful Lauren! The time is now. I hope these will support you in your journey back into your body with lots of self-love. So much love to your journey, it’s great to hear from you. Let your Inner Woman guide you xx

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