In the dark hour, I always come back to tending to my feminine body. That is my pilgrimage place of returning home. Home to my Inner Woman™. Home to that which is timeless. Home to the knowing that I am already home, already whole.

While currently being in the throws of many (exciting) changes in my life, I’ve been feeling the dark hour wrapping around me in the moments when I’ve felt overwhelmed or vulnerable while digesting all that is happening.

In those moments I find my way back home by leaning into my feminine body. A hand on my belly while closing my eyes, a deepened breath fully experienced, lying down on my yoga mat for a moment or awakening my senses, reminds me I am held here.

There are times for all of us, when life takes us to our knees and coax us into a dark hour of learning. Whether it is simply a moment of overwhelm, a tough day, premenstrual-wisdom, or a life-changing experience that will later feel like an initiation. We all meet the dark hour from time to time. Sometimes in moments, sometimes wrapped around us for days (or longer) at a time.

The dark hour is often filled with longing for something else, with feelings of not being where you should be or even not being who you should be. It sometimes has us believing that everything we need is out there.

All you need is you: When arriving with senses awake in your feminine body, breathing into what you are feeling, you start expanding your capacity to nurture all sides of your (sacred) humanness. You rebuild trust in yourself and nurture the inner freedom you were born with as you remember, I am my home. I am my pilgrimage place, I am held here. You activate and create the fertile soil for Awakening your Inner Woman™

Your feminine body is your gateway: You don’t have to trek a thousand miles or change your whole life to find the woman you are longing to be. You only have to be willing to lean into your feminine body, to be willing to feel the wild landscape you inhabit right now and welcome all the ways your Inner Woman™ shows up.

Your soul-filled body is always there to hold you, your Inner Woman™ always awakened by your sheer willingness to simply be with all of you, from overwhelm to ecstatic joy.