Pregnancy release is early birth.
Pregnancy loss is initiation into mother.
And pregnancy loss is significant regardless of gestation age.

Back in December 2017 I had a very unconventional pregnancy loss with my spirit daughter Aviaya at-home, click play on the video below to hear the full story. 

My pregnancy journeys with my spirit daughter Aviaya (she came twice), were as real as my [living] son Kamaiio’s, the main difference is she never arrived here physically for all to see. But I felt her, I met her, she guided me, she moved me…so deeply…she came with an energy so tangible I’ll never forget her.

This journey altered me beyond words, it’s a journey that left me in awe of what is available when the spirit door in our womb opens – even if only for a little while.

It feels like only few see how REAL and lovefilled these shortened pregnancy experiences can be. And that gestation age doesn’t necessarily matter ~ it’s individual to the mother how the loss or release feels, whether it’s early or later on.

Each woman has HER story to tell if she allows herself to feel how her landscape was moved and touched by pregnancy, by spirit, by love…dreams…death…even if only for a short while.

Click play to hear the story of my unconventional pregnancy loss where I kept just being pregnant even though I had a feeling she may not be alive.

I finally went into birth months later to release the remains of the pregnancy. And journey into the hardest thing I’ve ever endured; the aftermath where my breasts filled with milk for a baby that wasn’t in my arms.

Losing a pregnancy you wanted, or choosing to end one is both tender and complex. I’ve sat in the grief of a pregnancy ending early and one of the things that helped me the most was knowing how to navigate it in the comfort of my home (+ knowing which possible complications to look out for).

In this episode Molly Dutton Kenny, a full-spectrum midwife, shares what you need to know if you want to support a miscarriage or abortion at home with herbs and what to do in the case of complications. Molly is a leader in home-based care as the norm for reproductive management, including holistic support for abortion care and pregnancy loss, she also shares her personal journey with pregnancy losses. 

Herbal Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss with Molly Dutton Kenny

You are always welcome to reach out if you need support in navigating your journey with pregnancy loss or release. I’m here for you. xo Indigomoon