Category: Women’s Yoga

Inner Woman™ Yoga Practice: 10 Minute Body Prayer (Mp3)

My hands arrive on my body. Warm hands resting on my soft belly. We meet each other, my feminine body and me. Her untamed breath rising and widening to greet me. And my inner eyes, blinking open in the dark, as we fall into each other. Today I want to share with you one of […]

You’re Invited: Inner Woman™ Mini Retreat June 16, 2015

The Inner Woman™ Mini-Retreat is a virtual gathering for like-hearted women and a dedicated space to awaken your Inner Woman. It’s the kind of sacred space we all need to retreat to from time to time, where we arrive fully in our feminine bodies.  Connect with our inner world and deepest truth, so we can […]

You are home: In the dark hour I return to my body

In the dark hour, I always come back to tending to my feminine body. That is my pilgrimage place of returning home. Home to my Inner Woman™. Home to that which is timeless. Home to the knowing that I am already home, already whole.