On Valentines day of 2015, I was in a major solo-car-crash with my husband in the drivers seat. Although I had ‘seen’ it coming in the month prior to it happening and knew exactly where it would take place, nothing fully prepared me for the scariest, moment of my life. It’s an experience that left me with a very long healing journey ahead, but also heightened my respect for what my work with my womanly body, cycle, and Inner Woman™ can truly hold me through. The fact that it “worked” when I couldn’t walk and deeply scared for the future, doubled my passion for continuing to share the resource and wisdom that lies within each of our womanly landscapes.

My connection with my womanly body, untamed instincts and experience in working with the energy of my feminine center held me through the most frightening experience of my life.

In the past month I’ve faced some of my biggest fears and been thrown into the deep end of trusting my body’s healing process. And I was surprised by how the sensual work of having a solid and sacred connection with my body and the devotional journey of Awakening Your Inner Woman™ had prepared me to face my most frightening challenge.

In the hospital I saw, in new light, just how powerful this work of inhabiting your feminine body and knowing how to draw on your Inner Woman™, instincts and cyclic wisdom is – for guiding, holding you and healing you through, even the most painful and traumatic experiences of life.

The scariest moment of my life was the second when I realized that the car accident was actually about to happen. There was a loud bang, as the back left tire blew up. I sat up straight in my passenger seat, held on with both hands and at once froze with fear while becoming present in every cell of my body – as ready as I could be for whatever was to come. At a 110km speed the car spun out of control, rolled, and banged on to the side. The van rolled twice before finally coming to stillness, landing roughly on the right side with my seat suspended in the air.

The commitment to be fully there became my practice and focus as I struggled to face the injuries to my legs and arm, the blood all over my body, the ambulance, hospitals and surgeries that followed.

The biggest challenge when you meet any kind of trauma, challenge or even expansion is staying in your body. Staying fully in the experience with an unwavering commitment to be here even when it burns. To sit in the fire, as I like to call it. This willingness to stay with ourselves, is the biggest healer.

When we escape or leave our bodies we lock our most vulnerable stories in our bodies and disconnect from the inner voice that will guide us through to the other side. We have to commit to come home to ourselves again and again, to bring the kiss of our devotional presence to our tears and inner wounds.

My connection to my Inner Woman™ helped me survive my car accident by providing me an inner sanctuary amidst the fear and trauma. I leaned into my cyclic body to remember my truth, power and amazing healing abilities when I felt weak and scared. I had the soothing support of connecting with my feminine center and pelvic bowl to be able work with the trauma, fear and challenges that came rolling in from the moment the car accident happened and for months to come afterwards.

And perhaps most importantly, I knew how to follow my inner voice and untamed instincts in making difficult medical decisions – on my terms. As well as guide me in getting the support I needed to tend to the trauma that was stuck in my body after I left the hospital.

Here is the thing, you need a solid connection to your Inner Woman™ to guide you. You need to love your body and know your natural sacredness to guard it when other people won’t. You need to know how to call on your instincts and deepest wisdom, when you are faced with your deepest fears and life-changing decisions to be made. And you need your wild feminine wisdom to remind you of your power and Soul, so you can rise when you’ve fallen.