Our breasts are amazingly sensitive energy centers and chakras of the female body. Imbalances can arise as breast pain, lumps, cancer, or if you are breastfeeding as blocked ducts or mastitis.

Your right and left breasts speak to different underlying energetics, and so when imbalances arise in our breasts it can be helpful to try to listen to your body to discover what your breasts and nervous system may be reacting to. I’ve found it to be helpful in my own healing processes to tend to my body from the understanding that there is a message for me, or a need I need asking for my attention.

It’s not always straightforward to “listen to your body”, it can feel like listening out for sounds in the dark and trying to make meaning of them. It is by no means an accurate science, but rather an intuitive exploration of ourselves. Here’s what I’ve noticed about right and left breast energetics:

Right breast energetics are often about the flow of energy from the inside out. Key themes are about expressing your true self, and being seen and heard in the world. Or feeling a lack of safety in ourselves or in relationships that lead to hiding and silencing what wants to be expressed from within.

Left breast energetics often speak to the flow of energy from the outside in. Key themes are about being supported, loved, and held by your environment and relationships. Receiving nourishment. Or feeling like you can’t receive what you want anyway, so you armor yourself and shut off from your deepest needs and desires.

Rachelle Poitras from Her Metanoia has also shared her perspective on breast energetic in episode 002 of CYCLE WISE podcast. She says…

“Right breast imbalances are related to over protection, being overbearing and difficulty in giving love. The right side is often regarded as the masculine side, the side where you give and express. This side represents the father”

“Left breast imbalances are related to feeling unloved, refusal to nourish oneself and putting others first.  The left side is often regarded as the feminine side, the receiving side where you take in. This side represents the mother.”

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There are no rigid definitions when it comes to interpreting the messages from our bodies. You might be inspired by this, and you might find yourself tuning into completely different layers! The heart of it is this: listen to your body!

Self-massage is one of the easiest way to deepen your connection with your body and creating a meditative space for listening to your own intuition. I’ve got a free guided Breast Massage practice for you RIGHT HERE.