Healing Sexual Trauma with Rachael Maddox | Interview

Rachael Maddox is the author of the forthcoming book ‘Secret Bad Girl – How I broke my long-standing sexual trauma spell and grew vibrant, vital & free’. She is also a life coach, trauma specialist, singer and songwriter. You can find her at: www.rachaelmaddox.com

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In this interview Rachael shares:

  • The trauma spell & living life under your Secret Bad Girl.
  • The body knows what it needs: the natural blueprint of health is your inherent treatment plan
  • The biggest misconception about trauma that keeps you from resolving trauma.
  • Using your body to shed imprints of trauma.
  • Returning to wholeness: reclaiming her No, finding her voice, and feeling all of her power and beauty again.


Rachael’s Kickstarter has ended.  

Other resources mentioned: Peter Levine – Somatic Experiencing 


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