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Heal Your Womb With Castor Oil Packs

I love castor oil packs, although they can be messy they make me feel so revitalized! I’ve used them to heal after pregnancy losses and I’ve often used them as premenstrual self-care to support my cycle to flow with ease. With clients I almost always include it when I work with women experiencing fertility challenges or fibroids. And I’ve seen it work wonders on c-section or laparoscopy scars that previously inhibited the womb.

(Video) Preconception: Rethinking How To Prepare For Pregnancy.

Imagine moving into pregnancy and motherhood on a foundation of self-trust with an already deep knowledge of women’s wisdom and pregnancy. When we start to think of preconception as an integral part of pregnancy, we can take some time to lean inwards to build the resources and women’s wisdom it takes to navigate the labyrinth […]