Does Yoni Steaming Help Post-Menopausal Women?

Last night ‘D’ popped into my inbox with a Q: Does Yoni Steaming help post menopausal women, and if so, how? I was just about to simply email my answer to ‘D’, but then I remembered that I’ve received this question many times now. So for all the women wondering if Yoni Steaming can do anything for you on the other side of menopause, the answer is yes! Here are the benefits.

If you are not sure exactly what I mean by Yoni Steaming, start here by reading one of my most popular blog posts: Your Complete Guide To The Feminine Ritual Of Yoni Steaming. Here you can also find inspiration for a menopausal herbal steam blend, as well a detailed guide on how to do this at home.

Yoni ~ meaning sacred place, vulva, vagina & womb. 

On the other side of menopause, as in any stage of womanhood, yoni steams support you to nourish a deep connection to your feminine center–your pelvic bowl. As you sit with the heat rising into your feminine center, it anchors your awareness and presence into your core – giving you the time and space to physically, emotionally, and spiritually arrive home within your feminine body. Yoni Steams can also be a wonderful way to add that cyclical rest and release that your menstrual cycle used to bring.

It’s a meditative practice that draws your attention to your feminine center, where you can discover what it means to live from your Inner Woman in this season of life, for you.


  • Healthy circulation, tone & hormonal mojo. Modern living and movement habits leave many women with stagnation in their pelvis, which can inhibit circulation and blood flow. The warming heat, in conjunction with stimulating herbs can support circulation and blood flow in your pelvis, and bring vitality, healthy relaxation and tone to your pelvic floor & reproductive organs throughout menopause and beyond.
  • For women who experience vaginal dryness, the warming steam can be revitalizing for the vaginal tissues, particularly when used with herbs like marshmallow root, lavender, calendula or chamomile. For vaginal dryness and reinvigorating your yoni, I often teach Jade Egg and self-massage practices to amplify results, and use the Yoni Steams as a supplementary practice.
  • Support your uterus into menopause and beyond. Using Yoni Steams throughout your perimenopause-season, as well as in the months following the completion of your cycles supports the cleansing and full release of blood and fluids before your cycles completely cease. And it may support the hormonal adjustments that your uterus is doing at this time.

How often? If you are mainly using it for preventative care and nourishment a few times a year may be plenty. For therapeutic use, you want to increase frequency and make sure you choose the right herbs for your needs.

I hope you feel inspired you to try out a Yoni Steam for yourself regardless of which season of life you are in.


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Indigomoon Enemark is a Women’s Wisdom Keeper, Womb Massage Therapist, Cycle Expert & Mentor to women worldwide seeking to fall in love with their bodies, go from painful to pleasurable cycles, and step into instinctual embodied leadership.

6 comments on “Does Yoni Steaming Help Post-Menopausal Women?
  1. Thank you for this important post! My follow-up question is whether you know if it’s ok if we steam daily? I thought to separate the herbs and use them one at a time….I have been steaming while chanting: it’s beautiful! Many blessings to you beautiful woman and thank you for your wonderful work.

    • Indigomoon says:

      Thank you so much Tatiana, I’m so glad you liked it, sounds like such a nourishing ritual to combine your steam with chanting.

      As far as steaming daily, I’m assuming you mean on the other side of menopause when you are no longer bleeding. My answer may differ slightly depending what season of life you are in or if you are working with specific imbalances.
      You can definitely use daily Yoni Steams for a period of time therapeutically, but I would always allow time for integrating and pauses in between working more deeply on something specific. I hope that answers your question.

  2. Dianna says:

    I haven’t had a menstrual cycle in 9 years, when my son died my period stopped, I was 41 years old, four years later my gallbladder had too be removed and that night after surgery I had I a period, normal cycle, for at least four days, and I haven’t had one since, my gynecologist , said it was probably most likely , do too the Anastasia Had me totally relaxed! So I’m very concerned about this steam would it make me start my cycle again? I really would love too try this, and my sexual desire is zero too none, would that return as well? My last pap was 6 mons ago and my doctor cleared me too have another one in five years?

    • Indigomoon says:

      Hi Dianna, I’m sorry for the loss of your son, my heart goes out to you. Completely understandable that it had a major impact on you, including on your menstrual cycle. Yoni Steaming may or may not encourage some bleeding, I have seen it happen even after many years of not bleeding. But it depends on the underlying cause, without ovulation returning you can’t have a true period, but you can experience a type of bleeding. You won’t know unless you try, and on its own it is usually not a concern to see a change in bleeding or cervical fluids after Yoni Steaming. I don’t know if your concern is related to you not wanting to bleed again? If in doubt, I do provide 1:1 consults via Skype. Regarding your sexual desire, Yoni Steaming can be a beautiful ally, both for encouraging circulation, moisturizing the tissues of your vulva, and as an opportunity to reconnect with this part of your body. I hope you feel inspired to try it out. Xo Indigomoon

  3. Jo says:

    Thanks for this information. I am a young vibrant 70 yr.old and I am just learning about Young Eggs. Can I still use Young Eggs? I do have fibroids.

    • Indigomoon says:

      My pleasure! Your age is not in the way of using yoni eggs, so you definitely can! My personal approach is that I never recommend the yoni egg on their own, I teach my mentoring clients to bring it in once a solid foundation of opening practices has been embodied over many months, so they can then get the most out of it and not disrupt their pelvic universe. I’ve got a step by step process that comes before integrating the jade egg / yoni egg. As for the fibroids, I would highly recommend seeking out an Arvigo practioner. xo Indigomoon

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