As you may know, I’ve been tinkering away at this website for quite a while (with amazing help from my husband!). It’s been a slow, deliberate and intention-filled labor of love, discomfort and determination. There were many voices trying to make it go faster at times, including my own – but I knew I had to provide the sacred time needed to inhabit the parts of my Inner Woman™ that was holding the vision for my work.

But today, I’m so happy to finally welcome you to what for me is so much more than a website, because to me  it’s the opening of a virtual temple for women. A space created with you in heart.

I created this website as a virtual home dedicated to supporting women to awaken their unique Inner Woman™ inside. As a community for women longing to live life feeling free, whole and at home in their feminine bodies.

This is my personal practice and I know both from teaching and living it that it transforms women when they rediscover their inner resources and tools for being the woman they want to be.

I will be bringing you:

  • Blog posts and articles on all things women’s wisdom, living rhythmically, awakening your Inner Woman and feminine leadership & Lifestyle.
  • Online and offline events. I have some new offerings, retreats and events in the works for 2015, that I look forward to sharing with you.
  • Information about my mentoring programs and how I work with women here.
  • And other magical delights!

And before you go, I have a gift for you!

No celebration without gifts in my world. And as a token to my passion for feminine nourishment, I’ve put together a free Virtual Inner Woman Mini-Retreat to share with you on Jan 21st – 2015. It will be gentle and nourishing at-home mini-retreat for you to connect with your feminine body and connect with your Inner Woman™ to plant some potent seeds on the first new moon of 2015.

This is an online event, I’ll bring the Inner Woman Temple to you! All you need is a computer or phone with internet access, a yoga mat and a notebook + pen. There will also be a recording for you to listen to in your own time.

To claim your sacred seat in a circle of amazing women RSVP below.

Now I’d love if you’d celebrate my new website with me by leaving me a comment down below and share with me what you’d love to read, learn or be inspired by here? What is your Inner Woman™ craving?