Menstrual Cycle Consultations

Learn the Fertility Awareness Method to take charge of your own health, learn natural contraception, and cycle sync your life for more ease and flow.

Do you dream of understanding what your cycle symptoms mean, so you would know what to do to create balance when your cycle is out of balance? Do you want a contraceptive method with zero synthetic hormones or health depleting side-effects? Then Fertility Awareness will transform your life. I teach the Sympto-Thermal Method of fertility awareness, where you learn to chart your own cycle and read your biological markers of fertility correctly.

Online Fertility Awareness & Cycle Consultation (1 hour)

This session is for you if: 

  • You are new to menstrual cycle charting and would like an experienced teacher to make sure you do it correctly and avoid the common beginner mistakes. 
  • You know the basics of charting, but have more questions about cervical fluid or basal body temperature, and you want expert eyes on your chart to minimize any fears or doubts you have..
  • You never want to have a surprise-period again or pregnancy scare again, with fertility awareness you will gain the knowledge necessary to take charge of your own body.  
  • You’re experiencing irregular cycles, PMS, painful periods, PCOS, ovarian cysts, or fibroids, and want to learn more about your cyclic health to optimize your treatment. Knowledge through charting is the first step to knowing where your body needs support.
  • You are seeking a natural birth control option that is safe and reliable, and want to know exactly what it takes to make it as safe as birth control pills. 

What you get: 

  • One Fertility Awareness & Cycle Consultation completed via Skype (you can be anywhere in the world)
  • Follow up email with session notes
  • Concrete steps for you to work with after your session.

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The Fertility Awareness Package

The information you’ll learn in this one-on-one immersion will transform your life. The fertility awareness method has a learning curve, there is more to it than knowing your primary fertility signs. Investing in skilled support to learn it in depth, will allow you to gain a skill you can use throughout your changing cyclic life. When you learn how to understand and read your cycle chart correctly, you have straight access to a knowledge that gives you the power and sovereignty back in making decisions around your fertility, birth control, or health.

This package consists of five consultations spread out through four menstrual cycles. You will have personal guidance tailored to you from start to finish. With the extended time we will work together, we’ll be able to troubleshoot anything that may come up as you learn through each new cycle. It takes dedication and knowledge to understand how to mark your biological markers of fertility correctly, especially if your cycle or lifestyle unexpectedly changes, but with in-depth learning you will be able to tailor it to any season of life and use it to both conceive if you desire or as a safe and reliable contraceptive. 

Key benefits: 

  •  Being able to practice a safe, reliable, and natural contraction, due your comprehensive knowledge. 
  • Use your cycle chart to understand key aspects of your health and hormone balance. 
  • It nourishes a knowledgable and loving relationship with your cyclic body, which will reflect into other parts of your life. 
  • The knowledge to optimize your fertility and know your optimal time to get pregnant (if you want to). 
  • Being able to chart your cycle, even if you have an irregular cycle. 

What you get: 

  • Five x 90-minute consultations  spread across 4-months completed via Skype or Zoom. Each session will build you up with in-depth knowledge, myth-busting facts, and practical tips on how to apply this knowledge to your own cyclic body. 
  • A seasoned Cycle Expert to look over all your charts and answer your questions.
  • Support in between sessions. As questions arise I will send you emails, voice recordings, or videos to make sure you feel supported from start to finish. 
  • Your own private online hub where I will gather session notes and personalized guidance for you. 
  • Bonus: A welcome package including a basal body thermometer and a special gift just for you.

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Cycle Consultations provide concrete and individualized support for all the seasons and cycles that are often a part of a life journey through your womanly landscape. From helping you to creating pleasurable cycles, learn natural birth control, supporting your fertility and conscious conception, to learning to nourish the wild seasons of pregnancy & postpartum, all the way through to the initiation of menopause.

In your Cycle Consultation we will meet online via Skype to unfold your current cyclic season and challenge, I guide you in creating the results you desire and gain a deeper understanding of your own cyclic wisdom.