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Master-your-menstrual-cycle-ebookMaster Your Menstrual Cycle With The Five Daily Questions

In this e-book I share the practice that transformed my life. This simple practice guided me into deep feminine healing, helped me fall in love with my menstrual cycle and helps me to this day, to live life from my Inner Woman.

The practice of The Five Daily Questions is also one of the best tools for becoming intimately aware of your body’s language, and troubleshoot any imbalances you may experience. So you can create fertility, pleasureful menstruation, and turn your pre-menstrual phase into an ally, instead of an enemy.

Ebook Includes:

  • Overview of feminine rhythms & the phases of your menstrual cycle
  • How to use The Five Daily Questions to live from your Inner Woman
  • My personal journey with this practice and inspirational women’s wisdom.

It only takes 3 minutes a day to discover the inner muse of your cyclic body & begin to create feminine flow. This simple practice of answering The Five Daily Questions transformed my life.


Inner Woman Yoga meditation (Audio only)

You also get my feminine breath-focused meditation is designed to awaken sensual presence in your body and restore vitality.

It’s a guided 25-minute Inner Woman Yoga meditation that will ignite deep relaxation and teach you how to connect with your feminine center. While also introducing the foundational elements of awakening your Inner Woman.

Settle in for a rejuvenating mini-retreat at home.

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Menstrual Cycle Overview: Understand The 4 Phases Of Your Monthly Cycle

This PDF is a favorite among the women I work with, it gives you a clear overview of what happens in each of the phases in your cycle. Save this to your computer, and start keeping track of where you are in your cycle, so you can begin to dive into your feminine rhythms & create pleasurable cycles that enrich your life, rather than drain you.

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