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The 3 ways you can work with me


Are you curious about what it would like to live life sourced from the untamed woman that lives inside of you?

After years of walking the self-improvement path of looking for sanctuaries and solutions, there comes a time when we are ready to truly come home. Home to ourselves. Awakening Your Inner Woman is the journey of coming home to your Inner Woman, your wild feminine body and live as the woman you came here to be.



One-on-One Mentoring | Online

I work privately with women who are seeking support and guidance on everything around transforming their relationship to their bodies, cycle, or emotions. To awakening their Inner Woman, and learning how to work with their feminine center, and fuel their life with sensual, and sexual energy.

My online mentoring sessions are the main way I work with women, I put everything into designing deep-diving experiences  that awaken, inspire, and nourish women into living life as the woman they came here to be. 

These mentoring programs are my absolute favorite way of working. We go deep. And we go all-in. Using the body and pelvic bowl as our landscape for transformation. And women come out on the other side feeling truly at home in their bodies, and with the kind of radiance that only shines from a woman who trusts and feels her own power in every cell of her body.

When you book my mentoring sessions you have the option of booking just 1 x one-off sessions, or 3-month and 6-month mentoring journeys. Payment plans are available for the 3 and 6-months mentoring programs. Book a free Inner Woman Taster session right here. 

Womb Massage Sessions | In-Person

In my Womb Massage sessions I support women to create balance in their womanly bodies through a combination gentle bodywork, guiding conversation and teaching women how to do self-care massage and use simple women’s vitality practices to re-ignite their body, cycles and feminine vitality.

Womb Massage & Consultations are currently available in Copenhagen, Denmark.

These bodywork sessions are for women seeking to create balance in their feminine bodies with women’s wisdom and the kind of traditional nourishment practices that we, as modern women need, to be able to walk through the sacred stages of womanhood feeling nourished, free and juicy. Learn more about how Womb Massage sessions can help you. 

Indigomoon is so wise around women’s inner creative, sensual, and powerful center. And the Womb Massages are amazing. I feel so seen, and taken care of. Both on the massage table, and in our personal, deep, heart-warming conversations.

Grethe Lous

Online Courses

I’ve got several online courses in the works, including a comprehensive Yoni Steam Course, as wells as a recharged version of my signature menstrual cycle course.

If you are on my email list, you will be the first to get access to these transformative courses. 

If you’ve got questions, or would like to invite me to come teach in your country, please find my contact details right Here.