teresa“Your work is what every woman needs, but doesn’t know it!  Your sessions were a true gift for me. You created a safe, sacred environment to get out of my head and connect to my femininity. I felt loved, honored, respected, and celebrated for who I am. I loved how you gently created a place of self-exploration in the most safe and nurturing environment. Afterwards, I walked taller, felt more grounded, and experienced timelessness like I had never experienced before. I felt confident, liberated, and expanded and I found a new way to express myself without judgment or fear.” 

Teresa Neuhaus, Empowerment Coach & Yoga Teacher at

Areerat“I see Indigomoon as a true goddess in every sense…beautiful from the inside out, flowing naturally in movement and humbly and incredibly insightful. Her teaching is inspiring and clearly based on her experience and dedication to her own practice. She is a real practitioner and a teacher who lives, teaches and walks her talk. I feel I can learn so much from Indigomoon and I would fully recommend her work to anyone who strive for real transformational experience.” 

Areerat K Tri-Siddha, Owner of Yoga Tree Studio Chiang Mai & Creator of DanceMandala and SheDance

Ellen_profileI’m feeling connected to my feminine powers in a way I haven’t before. During your session I felt connected to my body and femininity. I’m feeling connected to my feminine powers in a way I haven’t before. Your work is healing, feminine-goddess-like and powerful. This is  for any woman longing to connect with their bodies, wanting to find healing with feminine issues: infertility, breast/ovarian cancer or medical issues and connect with their sexuality. I adore you IndigoMoon!



“Indigomoon facilitates with an amazing presence. Flirting between playful celebrations to deep-ancient-earth-knowing, as the group requires. I experienced powerful realizations about parts of my femininity I’d been ignoring. I had beautiful moments reconnecting to these abandoned parts within me, transforming these shadows into places I now love.

The work begun in her groups and I’ve been able to integrate into my daily life, as I continue to deepen my connection to what Indigomoon calls The Wild Woman…our essential, raw feminine self.” 

Jennifer Harmony, EFT Practitioner at

Laurina“Indigomoon has a way of creating a sacred space that feels like you are taking a step back in time to where ritual and sacred feminine practices were the norm, meanwhile cultivating a presence that allows you to feel, in an embodied way, that women’s knowledge was never lost.

Through her presence, profound understanding of women’s mysteries, obvious passion and commitment, and unique ability to weave words, stories and inner knowledge. Indigomoon’s workshops ensure that women leave not only knowing themselves on a deeper level but also with a feeling of connection to other women, an appreciation for our femininity and for the immense power that we hold as women.

One of thing things I love about Indigomoon’s teaching is the emphasis on our inner knowledge that we all hold as women and to learn to trust this voice. In one of Indigomoon’s Rent Tent classes, I began to trust my deeper self and the intuition that the practices were arising.  Along with this powerful feeling came many insights – insights that I now trusted – which catapulted my decision to embark on a journey to become a healer. It’s not an understatement to say that this experience changed my life.” 

Laurina Anandini Kersten, Founder of Wise Body Yoga

Gabrielle“Indigomoon’s work is phenomenal. She brings new light to the sacred wisdom of female cycles, ceremonies and traditions. With her unique way to see people she helped me to excel my own potential and explore my femininity. Which brought new light into my body and spirit. I felt awakened and became curious of studying more of this new aspect of myself.

When receiving one of her one to one sessions, I was lifted to another dimension. She helped me to awaken all aspects of myself and I’m so grateful for the transformational work Indigomoon has taught me and she also gave me tools to keep practicing and exploring new dimensions on my own.” 

Gabrielle Bergback, Acro Yoga Teacher

VanessamusiAfter your sessions I felt empowered from my center, connected to my inner self, my feminine intuitive soul, relaxed into being and not doing – receiving my own energy. I loved finding my feminine energy, releasing my ego based mind, getting out of my head, feeling my body and connecting to my left ovary.

My biggest take-away is breaking free from my mind, what people think, the status quo and now opening up to something so new and different, authentic and unique that helped me feel my feminine energy. I feel alive, free and womanly.

Your work is a breath of fresh air. It was a a connection to my feminine soul, a dose of self care, a release of the mind and ego to a heart connection. I felt your authenticity and uniqueness shine Indigomoon and I was uplifted into a completely new realm of femininity.

I am impressed and blessed to have met you and thank you for being you! It was divine to experience your work and open myself up to new experiences, I felt like I was blooming!

Vanessa Musi, Healthy Pastry Chef & Business Start Up Coach,


I learned that my true power resides inside my feminine nature

10415664_10152292496889983_7435080459915051018_n“Indigomoon is a wonderful leader. It was such a gift to be in her presence and learn from her. I love  her calming soothing voice and presence. You are so inspiring! I am eternally grateful for such a valued opportunity and to have this angel touch my life. I learned that my true power resides in my feminine nature.

Indigomoon offers a way for women to connect with themselves more deeply and completely. I recommend her to any woman who feels disconnected with herself or the world around her to find healing and peace and learn how to ignite their inner fire.”

Kat Moulton, Awaken Your Inner Courage,

Katy“I am always so grateful to share a space with Indigomoon as she brings light and energy to the room. Her sessions are lead by her heart, with flow and grace, and she holds the space so beautifully and consciously for her students. The practices I have learned from Indigomoon help me to feel present, empowered and invigorated with life.” 

Katy Bullen, Documentary Filmmaker, Dance Meditation Facilitator & Yoga Teacher

Pez“It seems as if my whole life’s journey of self-reflection, adjustment, and acceptance of who I am, I’d been waiting to meet Indigomoon to be my spiritual coach and teacher.

I am someone who was faced with true adult problems at a very young age. The challenges that presented themselves to me seemed impossible to conquer for so long with the added physical pain from an accident causing me to break my back as a teenager. When I moved to Thailand, detoxed to a chemical free lifestyle, and met Indigomoon, I learned everything that I needed to heal was within me.

With weekly private sessions, Indigomoon single-handedly changed my entire outlook on the future of my life.  She listened to me without judgment; she embraced my story and respected my privacy. She has taught me to embrace my femininity and be kind to my masculinity. Indigomoon genuinely embraces yoga and meditation into her daily life and it shines through when you see her smile while she’s helping you find your bliss. Her knowledge of the body and meditative practice is unparalleled.

My sense of awareness of who I am would not be as strong as it is today had I not worked privately with Indigomoon. I look up to her, I appreciate her, and I genuinely believe she is the essence of a true healer” 

Lauren Pez, High School Teacher

Camilla“Indigomoon invites you into her practice with her playful alluring voice that holds so much wisdom and knowledge. From the first time I embraced Indigomoon I felt connected to her in such a profound and inexplicable way. I had heard the stories of her worldly fairytales and I instinctively knew she brought me vital self-teachings I needed.

Indigomoon is my inspiration and my motivation to find my own potential. She has helped me to find my inner self-acceptance and find my way ‘home’, she has helped me to open my heart and she continues to help me reconnect to my Sacred Feminine Wisdom within my temple body. Words will never be able to describe the impact she has in on my life journey, and all I can do is share her wisdom, catch every break I get to study with her, and send her my unconditional love and recommendations.” 

Camilla Uldal, Yoga Teacher