One on One Mentoring for Women

One on One Mentoring For Women

My style of mentoring is for women who are craving a soul-deep connection with their womanly bodies, hidden truths and Inner Woman™

Women who are willing to work on a deep and personal level to find the intimacy with themselves they’ve been craving and redefine what it means to be a woman, on your terms.

Laurina - Mentoring For Women

What you offer is what every woman needs.

When I reached out to Indigomoon, I was feeling lost. I didn’t know how to take the steps in my business that I felt drawn towards, and I knew that aspects of my love relationship were not fulfilling me. But I felt stuck in how to wade through all the intense emotions that would arise when I tried to face any sort of change. Working with Indigomoon changed my life. She was there for me every step of the way, guiding me on the wild, scary, and totally necessary ride into the parts of my inner world I’d kept hidden.

Through our 3-months together I gained so much confidence, and clarity around my business that I have completely shifted direction. Now it is in line with what my heart truly desires to share.

Now I have a really juicy connection to my body, and I learned to access and sustain a bond to my own inherent wisdom. Every week was a deep inner journey; so much would come out in every session. I often thought to myself “If we stopped right now I would already have my money’s worth!

Indigomoon is honest and powerful, and always able to cut through to the heart of the issue. Her profound intuitive abilities, makes for an extensive ability to sense where I am at and what I need, which allows me to feel completely seen and heard. You’re amazing!

Laurina Kersten, Founder of Well Woman Yoga,

Awakening your Inner Woman™ is a lifelong journey that happens in the most potent place for discovering wisdom: Your daily life, in your own body.

All my work is based around my core belief: When a woman comes home to her feminine body and starts to embody the honest, radiant nature of her Inner Woman, she’ll not only find sanctuary in who she is, she will also come home to the woman she came here to be, and start living a life sustained from her inner fire.

A certain magic ignites, when you start feeling and living like the woman you want to be. You will taste your own wisdom, explore an approach to spirituality that includes your wild feminine body, and see amazing results from leading both life and business from your feminine center. We will dive deep into your feminine body to harness the power, pleasure and prowess it takes to take a seat in the center of you and your sacred humanness.

Together we’ll find out what parts of yourself you are hiding, or secretly sabotaging, and ignite a deep connection to your Inner Woman™ and feminine body, so you can reclaim life on your own terms, and learn to nourish yourself through all flavors of life.

Lisbeth - Mentoring For Women

Now I´m more confident about my journey in life. I am able to sustain and support myself on a deeper level.

When I started working with Indigomoon I had been through some years of personal transformation, I was 41 and moving towards a new phase in my life, and I felt I needed some support in the process to help me anchor myself inwardly in my feminine body and soul.

My biggest inner breakthrough was meeting the different aspects of my Inner Woman. And the biggest outer breakthrough was the feminine body practices that have helped me find support inside and anchoring myself inwardly. I have become more aware of my body and it´s cycles and the cycles of life around me, and daily self-care practices are now a natural part of my life. "

I love how Indigomoon see’s behind the words and push me to look deeper, because she see’s the bigger picture of what´s going on. I love your unconditional support, it has meant a lot to me.

Lisbeth Ingeman Sorensen, Holistic Massage Therapist,

My Current Offerings

3 hour session


Ignite Your Feminine Fire

In this 3-hour session we will laser in on a specific challenge with feminine wisdom. 

There is often a more practical aspect to these one-off sessions, but we go deep and wide to make sure this session is the start of tangible change in your life. 

Use your deep-dive to learn how to navigate your emotions, turn PMS into your ally, trust your intuition, navigate a major life transition,  begin the journey of reclaiming your sexuality, or learn to work with the energy of your feminine center. 


1 x preliminary call to prepare

1 x 3-hour mentoring session

Personal email follow up.



Awaken Your Inner Woman™

Over 3-months you will journey through the 3 initial stages of awakening your Inner Woman through a personally tailored program. 

You will  learn to inhabit your feminine body, nourish your self-love,ignite your sensual fire, and cultivate acceptance and creativity on your personal (lifelong) path of awakening your Inner Woman.


2 x 2-hour mentoring sessions per month + call recordings.

Unlimited email support.

Your own private forum, where you will build up your own library of feminine wisdom practices that I share with you through the journey. 

6 months


Live As the Woman
You Came Here To Be

A 6-month personally tailored immersion into awakening your Inner Woman, and creating a solid inner foundation for feminine leadership in all areas of your life. 

It takes sacred time, on-going focus, and support to embody the woman you came here to be.


2 x monthly  2-hour mentoring sessions, call recordings and unlimited email support.

Your own private forum, where you will build up your own library of feminine wisdom practices that I share with you through the journey. 

Extra bonus: You can freely add unlimited mentoring sessions at your need. 

All mentoring sessions happen ONLINE via Skype. 

Payment plans are available for the 3+6-month mentoring programs.  

Sonja - Mentoring For WomenI’m still in awe about how you have shifted my approach to doing business.

You’ve taught me to include my feminine inner voice and my body power in my daily business practice and for the very first time I felt that I am “complete” in my whole being as a woman and a business owner. There are no more contradictions; there is only harmony and power! What you teach is unique – and so are YOU. Six-figures from the core of my feminine power? With you this is possible! Thank you so much for opening my eyes.”

Sonja Limone

Apply to work with me 

Are you feeling that inner yes, a spark of curiosity if this could be for you, and a bit of fear? 

I know the courage, and commitment it takes to listen to that inner longing for more, for something deeper. It feels scary. First step is reaching out, I'll be right there with you after that.

Filling out the form below is the first step in our journey together. Once I've read your application I will email you to schedule a (no strings attached) Inner Woman Taster Session, where you can get a feel of what it is like to have a Women's Wisdom Keeper by your side guiding you deep into your feminine body, so you can emerge as the woman you came here to be.


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Are you in a place to emotionally and financially invest in yourself to get the support you need?

Anything else you'd like to share before we talk? This is your space anything and everything. I'm listening.

You are ready to...
Let your inner woman guide you and live life true to you.Be open & honest in all communications.Partner with me on your journey of awakening your Inner Woman.Take the work from our mentoring sessions, integrate it into your daily life, and turn it into your own lived wisdom.