Holistic support for all types of pregnancy loss

Each pregnancy loss brings a layer of uncertainty and unique circumstances, every woman deserves full spectrum holistic support and accurate information allowing you to navigate a loss on your terms. Often women are faced with limited support, minimal information and options from their regular caregivers. I’m passionate about supporting women with in-depth knowledge and care that tends to both the physical and emotional nature of facing loss in your womb space. 

Pregnancy Loss Online Consultation (1 hour)

This session is for you if: 

  • If you have recently gone through a pregnancy loss and seeking holistic support for your recovery. 
  • You are in the midst of navigating a pregnancy loss and seeking immediate support on how to prepare your body, what to expect, and what your options are for a natural or medically supported loss.
  • Seeking a held space for you to be supported around past or present pregnancy losses. 
  • Feeling “off” in your cycle, hormones, and overall fertility, but not sure what is wrong or what to do. 
  • You’re seeking personalized guidance on natural therapies for symptoms your are experiencing after your pregnancy loss. 
  • You want to know how to heal optimally after your pregnancy loss both physically, emotionally, and mentally. 
  • You are struggling in navigating your feelings and digesting the intense experience you went through.  

Topics we may explore: 

  • Holistic support for preparing for or recovering from a pregnancy loss.
  • Your options when navigating a missed miscarriage. 
  • Nutritional, herbal, and natural therapies for full restoration after any type of pregnancy loss.
  • Postpartum support and after-care post-miscarriage, pregnancy loss, or stillbirth. 
  • Fertility: What to expect on the other side of loss, as well as how to support yourself to rebalance.
  • When to conceive again, optimizing your chances, and preconception after loss.
  • Navigating recurrent miscarriages without losing yourself. 
  • Resources where necessary for you in navigating your loss. 
  • Grief rituals and embodied practices for sitting with grief. 
  • Exploration and support in navigating your feelings within yourself and with friends and family.  

What you get: 

  • One Cycle Consultation completed via Skype (you can be anywhere in the world)
  • Follow up email with session notes
  • Concrete steps for you to work with after your session.

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Cycle Consultations provide concrete and individualized support for all the seasons and cycles that are often a part of a life journey through your womanly landscape. From helping you to create pleasurable cycles, learn natural birth control, support your fertility and conscious conception, to learning to nourish the wild seasons of pregnancy & postpartum, all the way through to the initiation of menopause.

In your Cycle Consultation we will meet online via Skype to unfold your current cyclic season and challenge, I guide you in creating the results you desire and gain a deeper understanding of your own cyclic wisdom.